For this week's INKEDbyEnso launch we are giving $1 from each ring sold to Fur Sisters - Furever Urs Rescue Inc. 

About Fur Sisters

Fur Sisters - Furever Urs Rescue is based out of Jacksonville Beach, FL. We save dogs from overcrowded shelters and other urgent situations in our community. We take in dogs that deserve a second chance at a happy life. Fur Sisters is primarily a foster based rescue which means the dogs are in foster homes until adopted. We provide all vet care to make sure they are healthy, spayed/neutered and micro-chipped before they are placed in their forever home. We hold adoption events and have all of our dogs listed on multiple online sites. We have successfully found wonderful homes for hundreds of dogs since starting the rescue in 2016. Our mission is to help save as many homeless dogs in our community as possible. 

Fur Sisters Story

I have always believed in rescuing my dogs and was looking to add another dog to our family. I saw a picture of a dog on another rescue groups page located in Putnam County, a very small rural county outside of Jacksonville, Fl. I reached out for more information and found out that he would be euthanized the next day if not saved. The reason was for lack of space and his breed. I was shocked. I was naive and unaware at that time what was happening in these small rural shelters. I got in my car and drove an hour straight to the shelter to pick him up. Something about his eyes reminded me of my previous dog that had passed and I couldn't stop thinking about him. When I arrived I was even more shocked at the conditions of the shelter and how the dogs were living. It literally broke my heart. This shelter, which has outdoor kennels, sits at the end of a county dirt road next to the landfill. I left there that day with a terrified pup,(who now is spoiled rotten and living his best life) but also with a fire within my soul to do more for these innocent animals. I started my own rescue after that because there is such a huge need for more people to help these animals that have no voice. We have to be their voice. My focus now is to bring awareness to people that don't realize what is happening in the shelters in our own communities and how they can help. Fur Sisters is proud to say that we truly rescue by need not by breed.

The Future

Fur Sisters - Furever Urs Rescue Inc has a big and bright future planned! We are looking to open an Adoption/Training Center that would add to our efforts in finding homes for the dogs we take in. We would still be a foster based rescue, because we think dogs thrive in a home environment vs a boarding environment. Our center would only be for : short term boarding for training purposes and medical needs - available for one on one appointments to meet dogs up for adoption - open on weekends for adoption events. We would have certified trainers working with the dogs and a mobile vet when needed. We want to do everything we can to ensure we give the dogs we take in the best chance at a better life than what they came from. This facility would also act as an orientation training location for our fosters and volunteers. We pride ourselves on taking care of those that help us. We can't continue to do what we do without the support of our community.


Fur Sisters is very active in our community and we encourage everyone to get involved and give back. I enjoy going to local schools and speaking with the kids about what we are doing. Bringing awareness and education to the younger generation is key. Encouraging them to volunteer at an early age is important. We participate in large community events and festivals - so we are involved and engaged with our friends and neighbors. We always like to have fun at our events and I think that helps inspire others to get involved. Volunteering your time is very rewarding, you just have to find your passion. Saving dogs is mine and has brought many wonderful people into my life that share the same passion. I hope to continue to inspire and encourage more people to join us. 

What You Can Do To Help!

If anyone is looking to support our organization there are several ways to do so. If you are local, we always need Fosters or you can also volunteer at our fundraising events. Being a non profit with ongoing vet bills Donations are our biggest need. We take in a lot of medically needy dogs and get them vet care . Spread the word about our organization and our mission to save lives. Give a voice to the voiceless. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram - our website is  or direct link to

The Fur Sisters Difference

Fur Sisters rescues with compassion. Not only do we take dogs from over crowded shelters but from other situations. We have helped women with domestic violence situations going into a shelter and they couldn't take their dog. A dog was thrown from a moving vehicle in traffic, one was left tied to a tree with a note "free take me", one was left in a parking lot in a cage emaciated, we helped a homeless man living in the woods with 11 dogs. I could go on... it's never ending. We help how we can and when we can, no matter what. All dogs matter.

- Kelly Krehbiel, Fur Sisters Founder

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