What is Ring Avulsion

If you’re anything like me, you were fascinated and horrified to hear about Jimmy Fallon’s brush with a meddling rug that nearly resulted in an amputated finger. Though he managed to present it with his typical humor, the truth is that our favorite talk show host is lucky to have all ten digits. Ring Avulsion, also called de-gloving, was yanked into the spotlight by Jimmy Fallon, but it’s been an existing occupational hazard for thousands of people who work in hands-on environments.

Ring Avulsion is a condition that can occur when a ring catches with great force on something solid, like during a fall or trip. It can result in anything from the skin being torn around the ring to the finger being completely taken off. (I wouldn’t recommend Googling it.)

Along with tearing the skin around the finger, the ring may also damaged arteries and tendons in the finger—and because the injury isn’t a clean cut, it can be extremely difficult for surgeons to repair the damage. Many patients with ring avulsion aren’t as lucky as Mr. Fallon, and can only be treated with amputation.

How Can You Save Your Finger from Ring Avulsion?

Yes, of course, you can just take off your ring. Simple, right? Perhaps. Some people have jobs that don’t allow them to wear metal rings, or work out so often they’d barely even get a chance to wear their rings. Some people experience swelling, or even have nickel allergies and can’t wear their ring for these reasons. For these people, I present Enso Rings as an alternative.

So, how can Enso Rings help you avoid a similar fate?

  1. Enso Rings provide flexibility.

    Tungsten, steel, gold, silver: they’re all take some part of you with them when they catch on an edge or, in Jimmy Fallon’s case, a carpet. Instead of catching, Enso Rings are flexible and won’t take any skin with them. In fact, they’re designed to break apart when caught with high amounts of force.

  2. Enso Rings are low profile.

    Instead of having bulky edges, raised jewels, or sharp bevels, Enso Rings lie close to your finger, making it harder for them to catch on edges or machines. That’s a small but finger-saving detail.

  3. Enso Rings are perfect for active sports and workouts.

    A lot of people forget to shed their rings when rock climbing, weight lifting or hiking, and they can’t (or don’t want to) try to take it off halfway through a workout. Enso Rings are so comfortable that you’ll also forget that you’re wearing it—but instead of endangering your workout, you can hit it confidently knowing that your ring won’t take off part of your finger!

If you want to feel more confident about working in an auto shop or visiting your Grandma’s apartment that’s sporting a sweet shag rug (potential tripping hazard ;-)), check out the Enso Collections for both men and women.

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