When people think about ring engraving, they often think about it in the context of a relationship. While romantic reasons are a common one to decide to engrave something on a ring—like a message of love, a meaningful date, or a special nickname—that is definitely not the only reason that people can choose ring engraving. In fact, engraving is one of the best ways to show someone you care, or just to give yourself a reminder of something meaningful in your life. 

Engraving for Friends

If you’re old enough to remember Cabbage Patch Kids, you probably also remember a time when it was really cool to buy jewelry with your best friend. In fact, the best jewelry was the kind that was split down the middle and only showed the message “Best Friends” when you put both sides together. You can still find this kind of jewelry today, but maybe an even better and more personalized way to tell people that you care is with a specially engraved message on silicone rings or silicone bracelets. 

Enso Rings has a huge selection of rings that you are able to add your own message to the interior or exterior of the ring. One of the great benefits of a silicone ring is that you are able to engrave on the outside or the inside of the ring. Unlike some romantic messages that you might want to keep private, friends’ engravings are often something you want everyone to be able to see. The exterior engraving is perfect for a message that you want to share with the world, or make sure that the person you give it to has a constant reminder. 

Engraving for Loved Ones (Besides Your Partner)

Silicone rings and other jewelry is the perfect gift to give someone for a birthday, anniversary, or a special holiday like Mother’s Day. The great thing about giving the gift of jewelry from Enso Rings is that you can add a specially engraved message to the ring or bracelet. When you are thinking about giving a gift to someone like your mom, sister, or other loved one in your life, you can include exterior and interior engraving with things like kids’ birth dates or names, or just a message letting them know you care.  

Engraving for Yourself

Ring engraving also doesn’t have to be exclusively something that you do when you plan to give jewelry as a gift. In fact, engraving your own ring can be a powerful reminder for yourself every time you see the ring or bracelet you are wearing. Promise rings have recently become popular as a piece of jewelry that teens and young adults can get for themselves as a way to symbolize their intention to save themselves for marriage. 

You can also get yourself a ring or bracelet as a reminder of things that you have overcome or things that you want to accomplish. For example, an engraved ring might help you remember the date that you got sober or the date that you want to finish a big project. It could symbolize a special trip that you took or a goal that you have in your personal or professional life. You can keep it secret so only you know the true meaning, but wear it proudly as a beautiful piece of jewelry that anyone else can admire.

Ideas for Engraving Silicone Rings

There are a lot of ideas out there for you to engrave on a ring. For couples, the engravings tend to be of specific memorable dates or events like a wedding anniversary. Those can work great but they’re definitely not the only thing you can add to a ring. Some other great ideas include: 

  • Favorite motivational quotes

  • Birthdates

  • Graduation dates or other milestones

  • The day you met your BFF

  • Inside jokes

  • Friendship quotes

  • Song lyrics that are meaningful

It’s important to remember that engraving space isn’t unlimited. So in order to fit your whole message on an engraved ring, keep it short and simple. Enso Rings allows you to use numbers, symbols, letters, and even emojis to express your feelings and thoughts. But there is a character limit so you might need to abbreviate some things. For friendship rings you can also use the space of both rings to complete your message, so put half of it on one ring and the other half on a friend’s ring—or even divide it into more sections for friend groups of three or more. Like the “Best Friends: necklaces of old, the message will only be complete when you put them all together.

Find Your Silicone Rings at Enso Rings Today

When you are ready to get a beautifully engraved ring, start by shopping at Enso Rings. We have a huge selection of amazing collections that can be engraved, including our unique DualTone collection. These rings can be engraved on the interior or exterior. They feature two colors—one on the outside and one next to your finger—so your engraved message on a contrasting color can really pop. 

No matter what your style, Enso Rings has the perfect collection for you to get a stylish look and engrave it with a special message. 

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