It’s Time to Say Goodbye to 2020 and Celebrate Better Days Ahead

As we wrap up what has definitively been the craziest, weirdest, and hardest year in most of our lives, it’s a time to look ahead to better days. At Enso Rings we’ve been going through the same things as you—sadness for the loss of life from the global pandemic, devastation for the economic damage brought on our communities, and anguish for the mental health challenges it presents to isolate and stay apart from friends, family, and loved ones in the name of safety. But like many people, we are also optimistic about what is coming in the days ahead. After living through such a strange and challenging time, we know that things are going to get better. We’ve seen the indomitable spirit of our co-workers, friends, family, and customers who are ready to put this difficult year in the past and move forward toward our goals.

This New Year’s Eve, we’re ready to celebrate (even if that just means being with our immediate family or connecting in a socially distanced or virtual way), and we invite you to celebrate too.

Setting Our Sights on 2021

The New Year is a time when many people set goals, and this year we think that’s exactly what we should all be doing. Our goals might look a little different than they have in the past, based on what we experienced in 2020 and a renewed focus on the things that really matter. But overall we want goals to be hopeful and optimistic—focused on physical health and mental wellness to be ready for the next challenge in life.

Ring in the New Year with New Rings

We’re also excited to launch two new DualTone silicone rings to help you celebrate the New Year! Our DualTone Collection is one of our most popular, offering double the style with two fashionable colors on the outside and inside. The unisex design makes it easy to shop for someone special in your life (or yourself, of course), and every DualTone silicone ring comes with the option to add engraving to the outside or the inside.

The new releases in 2021 include stunning white/navy blue and navy blue/white combinations. Plus we’re making it even easier to get a new silicone ring with a special 21% off sitewide sale for a limited time!

Shop Enso Rings today and get ready to face a brand new year with renewed hope, health, and happiness.

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