Shopping Guide: Silicone Versus Metal Wedding Bands

You’re ready to tie the knot; you’ve started planning your perfect wedding day and now it’s time to shop for your wedding bands. Tradition dictates that he will get a metal wedding band and you will get something to go with your diamond engagement ring, likely metal, such as gold or platinum. While this has been the tradition for many years, it actually doesn’t have to be the way you go for your wedding bands. Here are a few reasons you should consider silicone in a head-to-head matchup against metal.



  • Metal rings are designed to last a long time, but are likely to get scratched and can get damaged in your daily life. This is especially true if you work in a profession where you use your hands a lot, or you want to wear your ring to the gym and similar places.

  • Silicone rings are a durable alternative, designed to last even when subjected to extreme heat, cold, sun, weather, and more, and won’t get scratched or dented.



  • Metal rings are not designed to stretch. For many this translates to an uncomfortable experience wearing the ring and may lead to taking it off any time you are doing anything with your hands.

  • Silicone rings are made of a soft, stretchy rubber that fits your finger and flexes with your lifestyle. No matter what you’re doing, the ring is comfortably in place and you don’t have to think about it. Even in situations where your hands are swollen, such as during a workout, your ring won’t cut off your circulation.



  • Metal rings can actually be pretty dangerous. First, metal conducts electricity so if you work in a profession with electrical currents, you will have to take off a metal ring. Second, they are not designed to bend, stretch, or break, so if your ring gets caught on something it won’t break, and will likely break your finger and damage the tissues, tendons, and muscles instead (just



    about that).

  • Silicone rings are made of a flexible rubber material that won’t break from day-to-day wear but can break if it is under extreme pressure. That’s a good thing, because if your silicone ring gets caught on something it will spare your finger all the damage and some hefty medical bills along the way. Plus it’s a non-conductive material, so it’s safe to wear in any situation.



  • Metal wedding bands start on the low end for a couple hundred dollars, but they can go up to several thousand dollars.

  • Silicone rings are a more affordable option for any couple, especially one that is just starting a life together. The average cost is under $50 for a ring, which means you can get more than one if you want, or save the money and splurge on that zipline tour for your honeymoon instead.


For many couples ready to ditch tradition, the choice to go with a silicone ring is clear. Find a variety of colors and styles at Enso Rings and get a ring that says “I love you” for the big day.

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