Should I Wear My Ring to the Gym?

A common question that we see related to wedding rings is whether you should wear your ring to the gym. It’s a valid question, since not wearing a ring could give people the wrong impression about your relationship status, but wearing a ring comes with certain injury risks that you want to avoid. In fact, the question of whether to wear a ring while working out is what sparked the idea for Enso Rings in the first place when one of our co-founders got his ring caught while rock climbing. For many people, the tradeoff presents a conundrum and leads to some confusion (and maybe bad choices or avoidable injuries).

Your metal ring and your fingers are at risk

Metal rings are made of one of the hardest materials on earth. That’s great because it’s a big investment to purchase a metal wedding band or a diamond ring and you don’t want it to break easily. However, once that ring is on your finger, that same strength could be putting your fingers at risk. Tens of thousands of people each year suffer from a severe ring avulsion injury that damages the muscles, tendons, and bones in their finger, and in some cases results in a full finger amputation.

Thousands more are at risk of these types of injuries at the gym. The high-speed nature of your workouts and the myriad of things that your ring could catch on in any workout facility make it a risk proposition to wear that ring.

Another risk that isn’t as gruesome for your fingers is the risk of damage to your ring. As mentioned, a metal wedding band or diamond ring is a big investment—averaging about $600 and $5,000 respectively—and you don’t want it to get scratched and dinged up from scraping against the gym equipment.

Silicone rings as the gym alternative

Silicone rings are a better alternative to wear to the gym because they can be worn in any situation without risk of injury or damage. They are made of a soft, stretchy, comfortable silicone rubber that bends and flexes with your body as you move through a workout. They also can break if they get caught on something, making them a superior alternative for safety reasons. While it’s never ideal for your silicone ring to break, it’s definitely better than your finger. Plus they come in a wide variety of awesome colors and styles so you can choose one that matches your personality, go with a neutral tone like black or silver, or choose several to coordinate with your favorite gym outfits.

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