Should You Buy a Silicone Ring for Your Honeymoon?

Silicone rings have become a very popular accessory for married couples who need rings that can do more than traditional metal rings, but some people still love the look of metal for everyday life. However, there are some situations when you might want to trade in your diamond ring for a silicone ring, and it’s not just when you hit the gym. Having a silicone ring for your honeymoon makes a lot of sense as well. We’ll explain why.

Avoid Stolen Rings

If you’re heading off for a honeymoon and you’re planning to travel to get there, your ring could be at risk at several points on your journey. Most of the time you’re likely to get through airport security, hotels, and other parts of the trip without any problems, but rings are small and all it takes is a few seconds of not paying attention after you take it off for it to disappear. You may not want to wear your ring out on day trips or to the beach, but leaving your ring in a hotel room could be risky because hotel staff have access to the room while you’re gone. While most hotel staff are honest, hardworking people, it only takes one that is not for your ring to disappear forever.

Silicone rings are a great alternative because you can keep wearing your wedding ring no matter what type of honeymoon you’re planning—lazy days on the beach or some other adventure—and you can leave your expensive diamond ring safe at home.

Avoid Losing Your Ring

Perhaps you are worried about the prospect of losing your ring on your honeymoon, so you decide to wear it everywhere you go. That could also become a problem, especially if you’re vacationing in a destination with water activities. Your fingers get slippery in the water, and shrink as well, which is the perfect storm for a ring to slip off while you’re snorkeling along the beautiful reefs of Hawaii, taking a dip in the pool at the hotel, or kayaking on the lake at your resort. You may not even realize it’s gone until it’s way too late.

Avoid Becoming a Target

Depending on where you plan to spend your honeymoon, a silicone wedding ring may also provide you with some added safety. If you’re going to a foreign country where some areas could be dangerous, a large diamond ring on your finger could make you a target for theft, which is terrifying and also devastating when it’s your wedding ring.

Rather than worrying about what might happen to your diamond ring on a honeymoon, get a silicone ring you can safely wear anywhere. They’re fashionable and comfortable without being too flashy, and are easy to replace later if you do happen to lose it. Shop Enso Rings before your big day to get matching his and hers for the trip.

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