While silicone rings are stretchy and flexible by nature, they aren't naturally meant to shrink. They maintain the original form in which they were bought -- that is, unless you take them through one of a couple basic processes that will help make them smaller or otherwise improve their fit on your finger. 

At Enso Rings, we're proud to offer not only a wide selection of silicone rings, but also assistance with numerous sizing and related needs. Is your silicone ring a bit too large, to the point where you're wondering about options for shrinking it? Here's a primer on how this can be done, but also the risks involved and some other alternatives that might be preferable. 

Shrinking Silicone Rings With Warm Water

If you need to change your silicone ring to a smaller size, heating it up using hot water is the method to use. Here are the simple steps:

  • Fill up a pot with hot water -- the water should be no higher than 230 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Drop the ring into the pot of boiling water for one to five minutes

  • Remove it from the pot, and allow it to cool 

  • Put it on your finger to check the fit -- if needed, repeat steps 1-3 until you get a silicone ring that fits comfortably.

Risks of Shrinking Silicone Rings

Now, while the above process is always possible for a silicone ring, it's not necessarily recommended very often. This is because it can create a few risks to the silicone:

  • Brittling: While silicone is tough and able to handle lots of pressure without snapping, this toughness will be reduced during any boiling process. This means that the ring will be more likely to break when worn.

  • Smoothing: The boiling process might lead to smoothing or rounding of your silicone ring, which could mean it's less durable and more prone to breaking down over time.

  • Staining: Heating up the silicone can also cause dye from your silicone ring to leak out, which could cause staining to your skin or other surfaces.

  • Design changes: Boiling the silicone ring will also change any designs or textured surfaces, which can affect how you feel about your ring and its aesthetics.

  • Voiding warranty: Finally, boiling a silicone ring will often void any warranty offered with the ring, which means that it's no longer covered for other forms of damage.

This doesn't mean you can't shrink a silicone ring -- just know there are some risks involved in doing so. 

Generally speaking, however, there are better solutions for rings that are too large.

Alternatives for Small Silicone Rings

Here are some of your options:

  • Exchange the ring for a different one: At Enso, we're happy to assist clients with exchanges for any of our bands. Our silicone rings are crafted to be very durable, which means that most people won't have to worry about exchanging them for a new size once they're properly stretched -- but if yours is too large for any reason, don't fret. We're here to help. 

  • Wear the ring on a different finger: Some people are very particular about which finger they wear a ring on, especially a wedding ring -- but others are not. If you're among this latter group and a ring is too large for a given finger, you might try it on a different finger, or on the other hand. 

  • Weight loss motivation: On the flip side of this coin, some of our clients have used a too-small silicone ring as great motivation to lose weight. In cases where your ring used to fit, but no longer does today because you've gained too much weight and your fingers have expanded as a result, the challenge of getting the ring back on can be an intense motivator to work out and get healthy. Be sure you consult a physician before you take on any major weight loss goals, however. 

  • Wear your silicone ring on a necklace: Finally, if you have any concerns at all about the safety of boiling your silicone ring -- or just flat-out don't want to do it for any reason -- you can always just wear your silicone band as a pendant. This is often done by clients who are waiting on an exchange for a new silicone ring, allowing them to continue displaying their ring for all to see without worrying about fit or discomfort issues. 

For more on why shrinking a silicone ring is possible but not necessarily advisable, or to learn about any of our wide selection of silicone rings, silicone bracelets and other affordable, beautiful gifts, speak to the staff at Enso Rings today.

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