Should You Size Up or Down for Silicone Rings?

Silicone rings have become a popular choice for anyone who’s looking for ways to eliminate safety hazards that metal rings present or find a ring that has the flexibility to go wherever your daily life may take you. While silicone rings are available for purchase in some brick-and-mortar stores, most people purchase them online, which means you need to know what size you wear and how to order the correct size. Fortunately it’s easy to get the right size if you understand how to measure.


Use Silicone Ring Sizing Charts

The easiest way to figure out your size is to follow the instructions available in online sizing guides. These charts help you measure the diameter of the finger you’re planning to wear the ring on so you can get the correct corresponding size ring. At Enso Rings we even have a video with instructions to walk you through the process. And there are simple instructions that give you various options for how to measure accurately, even if you don’t have a flexible measuring tape at your disposal.


Understand How Rings Fit

Silicone rings fit different than metal rings, which don’t have any stretch or flex in them. For that reason, metal rings have to come in more sizes to ensure a good fit. Because silicone rings are made of a flexible material that can stretch (just like a rubberband), your silicone ring may feel like it’s a little snug when you first put it on, but in the first few days that extra stretch will help it adjust to hug your finger like a metal ring never could.


Adjust for Half Sizes

One important thing to note is that the sizing for silicone rings is a lot simpler than it will be for metal rings. For people whose measurements fall between two sizes, understanding that a slightly tight fit is ok (and will stretch over time) helps you get the right size. For most people in between sizes that means choosing the size below.


The Need for the Right Fit

Without the correct fit, a silicone wedding ring is either too tight (and could be uncomfortable to wear throughout the day), or it’s too loose, which means it could fall off. This is especially true when you wear your ring in or around water, which can loosen silicone rings even more.


No-Risk Sizing

If all of this is too confusing or you’re still worried you might get the wrong size, don’t panic. Enso Rings offers easy exchanges and a lifetime money-back guarantee, so if you get the wrong size our friendly team can help you find the right one. Shop Enso Rings today to find the ring that’s perfect for you

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