Show a Nurse You Care with Silicone Rings

Nursing is a profession of unsung heroes, people who willingly work with those who are sick and at their most vulnerable in an effort to improve health and well-being. The U.S. celebrated National Nurse’s Week May 6-12, 2020 (amid one of the most challenging global health crises we have ever experienced), and if you didn’t have a chance to tell the nurse in your life how much he or she means to you, it’s not too late. Show them you care with a silicone ring.

What are Silicone Rings?

Silicone rings are one of the most popular accessories today, and they’ve gone way beyond just being something that people wear while working out. Millions of people today choose silicone rings because they love the way they look and feel. They are made of a soft, stretchy rubber material that is breathable and lightweight. They’re so comfortable, it can be easy to forget you are even wearing them at all.

Why Silicone?

There are many reasons silicone rings are so popular for nurses and other medical professionals:

  • They are made of medical-grade silicone, which means they are safe to use around patients. Medical-grade silicone is tested for “biocompatibility” and won’t be something that you have to take off to treat your patients.

  • While they are synthetic (meaning they are man-made), they are a combination of naturally-occurring materials like oxygen, carbon, and silicon, which means that most people can safely wear them without concerns about an allergic reaction.

  • The stretchy material can break away if necessary, which is an essential safety measure when you work with your hands around patients all day; nobody wants to suffer from a ring avulsion injury when they are at work if a metal ring gets caught on something, leading to serious damage to the muscles, skin, tissues, and joints in your fingers.

  • The material used to make these rings is easy to dye, which means you can get them in any color you choose. You won’t have to stick with just the same two or three precious metal colors, and can truly get something that matches with your personality (or scrubs, of course).

  • They work well with gloves, unlike diamonds or precious stones that can tear your gloves when you try to put them on.

  • They can be easily cleaned with soap and warm water if you get something on them, and they don’t have all the little nooks and crannies of some diamond rings, so you won’t risk spreading disease by harboring bacteria in your ring.

  • They are inexpensive, which means you can purchase a different one to wear each day, and if something does happen to your ring, you can buy a new one.

Check out Enso Rings for a huge selection of silicone rings to give to the nurse in your life who means the world to you (and their patients).

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