Silicone Rings are the Perfect Accessory for Your Wedding “Minimony”

 What happens when the big wedding day you have been planning for months (or maybe even years) is suddenly upended by a global pandemic? The answer for many couples is to postpone their wedding celebration and host a small “minimony” in the meantime. 

So What is a Minimony?

Large wedding ceremonies and the extravagant receptions that follow are not safe during the coronavirus pandemic. As tens of thousands of couples who were originally planning their big day for 2020 have discovered, there are a lot of barriers to hosting an even this year. Most states have banned any gatherings over 50 (and some even have bans for gatherings of 10 or more). There are several international travel bans that prevent U.S. citizens from going to foreign destinations—a major obstacle for that destination wedding you were planning—and also interstate travel restrictions in some areas.

 For those who don’t want to wait to tie the knot, a mini ceremony (minimony for short) has emerged as a solution. You host a small ceremony today with just a few people who can attend in a safe and socially distanced way, and save the extravagant event for a later time. 

Planning Your Minimony

If the point is to get married and you don’t want the lack of a big party to slow that down, hosting a minimony makes a lot of sense. Here are some important tips to help you create a safe (and cost-effective) plan. 

Guest List

  • Narrow down your current list to just the people who you think need to be there in person—usually your closest friends and family members.

  • Consider offering a remote video option for people who don’t feel safe traveling, or who are at high risk and can’t make it in person.

  • Notify other guests with enough time to cancel their travel plans if you haven’t already.

  • Let people know that you’re hosting a minimony now, and hoping to have that big reception and party later. 


  • Check with local venues to make sure you can host an event.

  • Ask about restrictions on how many people can attend.

  • Include caterers, a photographer, or wedding planner in your count if you’re going to have those individuals at the event.

  • Ask about all the safety measures they are taking to protect you and your guests, and offer masks and hand sanitizer to everyone.

  • Consider moving the event outdoors if you can safely do so.

Other Vendors

  • Be sure to check with other vendors (flowers, catering, photography) to find out which ones you can reschedule, and how to get deposits or other refunds if possible. 


  • If you’ve haven’t purchased your rings yet or you prefer to exchange your traditional rings at the ceremony later, get silicone wedding rings for your minimony.

  • These rings are super durable and comfortable, and will provide a perfect placeholder until you get your permanent rings (or you might like them so much you decide to forego those expensive metal and diamond rings altogether).

  • Silicone wedding rings are also very affordable, allowing you to save money on your minimony to be able to splurge on the wedding later.

 Shop today at Enso Rings to find your perfect silicone wedding rings for a minimony, and cheers to a happy marriage—even if it’s not going to start exactly the way you planned.

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