Silicone Rings Offer a Comfortable New Twist on Birthstone Rings

You have probably heard about birthstones—most of us are aware that they exist, and perhaps even know what your own birthstone is based on the month you were born—but many people don’t really know the history of birthstones and why they hold such importance. For those who aren’t otherwise inclined to wear precious stone jewelry, the idea of a birthstone ring is one that you probably don’t think too much about. But now Enso Rings offers a beautiful and comfortable line of silicone birthstone rings so it’s probably about time for a little history lesson and discussion of why you might want to consider these rings.

What Exactly is a Birthstone?

A birthstone is a gem that corresponds with the month that you were born. The original history of birthstones actually has a religious link, believed to date back to the breastplate of Aaron, an object described in the bible book of Exodus that High Priests would wear as a way to communicate with God. In some versions of the religious text, the 12 stones represented the 12 tribes of Israel, but the idea of a birthstone has origins and meanings in other cultures outside the religious connection as well.

A Romano-Jewish scholar and historian who lived in the first century of the Common Era, Titus Flavius Josephus, connected the 12 stones to the 12 signs of the zodiac and that idea took off in the late 19th century when the famous jewelry store Tiffany & Co. published their own version of birthstones that assigned one stone to each month.

Throughout history the specific birthstone for each month has varied, often based on what materials were available. Some people believe that the stones hold special therapeutic properties, particularly when worn during your actual birth month.

The Meaning of a Birthstone

In addition to being connected with a specific month, birthstones are also said to have specific meaning for the personality of those born within that month.

  • January (Garnet - Protection): confidence, energy, and willpower; someone who is both feisty and spontaneous, and who won’t shy away from taking on a challenge.

  • February (Amethyst - Wisdom): peace, optimism, and serenity; known for being great listeners who are highly intelligent and possess exceptional business sense.

  • March (Aquamarine - Serenity): calm, compassionate, and honest; great communicators who can help others around them feel grounded, settling arguments and making clear decisions.

  • April (Diamond - Strength): stubborn and determined, fearless, and loyal; this is someone you can depend on who won’t let anything hold them back and who adheres to a strict moral code.

  • May (Emerald - Hope): romantic, perceptive, and introverted; emeralds are luxurious and deep, valuing truth and honesty in their relationships.

  • June (Pearl/Alexandrite/Moonstone - Love): June birthdays can select from one of three birthstones, or wear all three at once. Known for enthusiasm, clarity, and spontaneity, capable of listening to their instincts and intuition.

  • July (Ruby - Vitality): noble, loving, passionate, and the life of the party; self-confident leaders who love to be the center of attention.

  • August (Peridot - Beauty): kind, welcoming, and open; someone born in August is often extroverted and charming without seeking attention.

  • September (Sapphire - Truth): wisdom, loyalty, and nobility; someone calm and reserved that carefully opens up only to those they are closest to, and who is often humble and quietly dignified.

  • October (Tourmaline/Opal - Healing): like June, October birthdays can choose from either opal or tourmaline, and the one you prefer might say a lot about you. Pink tourmaline symbolizes adventure, exploration, and restlessness with a strong sense of intuition and thoughts about what’s coming next. Opals are more protective and loyal, bringing positive energy as mentors and leaders.

  • November (Yellow Topaz - Joy): generous and lucky; the life of the party, bringing people together in families or friend groups.

  • December (Turquoise/Blue Topaz/Tanzanite - Friendship): turquoise was the traditional birthstone for December, but that shifted in modern history to tanzanite and blue topaz.

Silicone Birthstone Rings

For those who love the idea of the energy and connection to your birthstone, but prefer not to wear a ring with an actual gem on it, or who don’t want to spend the money on it, silicone birthstone rings are a great alternative. Enso Rings recently launched a silicone birthstone rings collection. These designs come in halo, thin, and classic styles with gorgeous shimmer and the magic of a birthstone ring imbued in each design.

Silicone rings make the ideal gift for all types of occasions, including:

  • Birthdays

  • Mother's Day

  • Father's Day

  • Graduation

  • Valentine's Day

With Enso Rings halo designs you can even stack several together, which are perfect for mothers’ birthstone rings to celebrate all her children (and even grandchildren) with a daily reminder of the people who mean the most in her life. Plus she gets the superior comfort and durability of a silicone ring she can wear anywhere. Shop the whole collection today on our website today.

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