Promise Rings

Promise rings symbolize a sincere and enduring commitment, whether to someone else or to yourself.

Choosing the right band is important. You want to capture the essence of your commitment as well as the personality and style of the wearer. Fortunately, Enso’s extensive collection of silicone bands has something to suit every taste — and every budget.

Stylish, durable and comfortable, our rings let you convey your message in a way that is uniquely yours. With countless design options and the ability to customize your selection, you will find the perfect ring to reflect your heart’s true desire.


Choosing a Promise Ring

Giving a promise ring can show your devotion, regard, commitment, love — or all these emotions. Whether you are selecting a ring to wear yourself or to give to someone important, start by considering the meaning you want to convey.

For example, you may want to give your partner a promise ring when you’re ready to take your romantic relationship to the next level, but you have not yet reached the point of getting engaged.

Whatever your reasons for taking this significant step, take the time to make a thoughtful, loving choice in your selection.


Versatile, Affordable Promise Rings

You don’t have to spend a fortune to show your commitment when you choose an Enso silicone band.

Our promise rings are stunning, ranging from classic to fun and funky, without the high cost of precious metal and gemstone jewelry. Our bands are durable and extremely versatile, allowing you to keep your ring on whether you’re working out, going on an adventure or working at a demanding job.

Made of high-tech materials, our silicone bands all feature our innovative anti-ring avulsion technology. This means that if you get your band caught on anything, the material will safely stretch or break away, leaving you without the serious injuries that metal bands can cause.


Silicone Promise Ring Options

Whatever your style preferences may be — or those of your partner — Enso has the designs you can’t help but love.

If you prefer the classic look of precious metals, we have metal-infused silicone bands in tones that include silver, gold, copper, platinum, diamond, rose gold and more. If gemstone hues are more to your liking, you might prefer our birthstone collection.

You will find some of our most popular silicone promise rings in the Infinity Collection. These captivating bands symbolize devotion and the timeless nature of love. And, as with any of our products, you can personalize your selection with engraving inside or outside the band. For a fun approach, you can choose several different band designs to be worn together.

Browse our extensive collection of silicone promise rings today, and find the one that shows the world how much that special someone means to you.

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