Why Silicone Rings Make the Perfect Winter Adventure Accessory

Outside the snow is falling and friends are calling ‘Yoo-hoo’!” -From Leroy Anderson’s Sleigh Ride(1950)

Are you one of those people who just can’t wait for those powdery white flakes to fall from the sky, blanketing everything in a fresh layer of glittery snow? You’re not alone, and when you’re ready to grab your friends and get outside to enjoy that winter wonderland, you can take a silicone wedding ring along with you. Here are just a few of the reasons these rings make the ideal winter accessory for any adventure.

Comfort in All Conditions

One of the signature reasons people love silicone rings and they have grown in popularity so rapidly over the years is because they are super comfortable. These rings are made of a silicone rubber that is stretchy and flexible, so no matter what you are doing the ring will always fit just right. They’re also extremely lightweight, which is why many people forget they are even wearing the ring at all after putting it on and heading outside.

Reduce Injury Risks

Winter sports and hobbies, like many adventurous activities, can be a little bit dangerous and put you at risk for injury. In addition to the obvious risks from things like avalanches, a metal wedding ring that you wear out snowshoeing or to hit the slopes is something that could get caught and cause a ring avulsion injury. If it’s cold enough you will probably have gloves on, which offer another layer of protection, but they aren’t foolproof for protecting your hands. A silicone ring won’t get caught and ripped off your fingers, which means you don’t need to worry about the risks of injury.

Durable Enough for Any Winter Adventure

Silicone is one of the most durable man-made materials available, and it definitely outperforms many other soft, stretchy materials that you might consider taking outside. It can also withstand some pretty hot and cold temperature extremes. In the winter you can take it outside down to about -75 degrees Fahrenheit without any lasting damage, which we’re guessing is much colder than the weather most winter enthusiasts enjoy.

Shop Enso Rings for Winter Weather Accessories

When you want a ring that can go anywhere you go through the hottest summer and coldest, wettest, snowiest winter weather, Enso Rings has you covered. Shop our whole collection today to see all the rings that you can choose to take on your next winter adventure.

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