It's summer! There are somethings that you just can't go without. We have helped you out with a list of our favorite summer brands and products so you can finish off your summer with a bang. HAGS!

1. Nomatic Backpack

Our number one choice for a great on the go bag during all your summer fun! Pack all your essentials in the most organized way and can expand to be extra roomy. Nomatic lets you easily pack all your sh!t to go take a dip.

Nomatic believes strongly in quality, function and versatility and you can clearly see that in every product they put out there. Not only do they have the best product in the category but everyone you meet in the company is rad beyond measures. 


2. G2G Bars

We apologize in advance for introducing you to G2G Bars because once you taste these premium protein bars you will never buy anything else! Made with the highest quality ingredients and no preservatives you don't ever have to deal with those other brands that just taste like whey protein powder. Ew. Wanna hear the best part? They have a coconut peanut butter chocolate chip flavor that will rock your world. 

3. Leus Towels

Need some personality in your beach towels? Leus has got your back. Get rid of your lame polka dot or palm tree towel and get a Leus with more character. When you have a Leus you know that fun feels better. 

4. Enso Rings

Perfect for travel and adventure during the busy summer months. Nervous about taking your expensive rock on the ultimate vacay? Enso Rings will be there for you when traditional wedding rings can't. From rock climbing to kayaking, Enso goes with you.


5. Hydro Flask

Keeping your drink cold has never been so in and matching accessories to your water bottle is trending thanks to Hydro Flask. With your Hydro Flask, you can go on any adventure no matter how hot and still be refreshed for up to 24 hours. You, me and our Hydro Flasks, let's go!

6. Skinnies Sungel

Skinnies founders Martha and Olly Van Arts, were tired of white, oily sunscreen that you had to coat on and reapply multiple times. They wanted something better and safer for their kids and others... Skinnies was born. 

Skinnies Organogel™ forms a thin layer on top of the skin holding the UV actives in place. Unlike water-based sunscreens, there is no evaporation (or dry down), so with Skinnies the actives yield is higher. A pea size blob is all you need for full face, neck and ears coverage. Check them out and you will not regret it.

7. Imperial Motion Swim

This elite "good vibes" lifestyle brand started out as nothing more than the dream of 3 young dudes. Now the brand has captivated a huge following, pulling together some amazing swim tech. We always expect more and more dope additions to the line up since their tagline is never established. always evolving. 


8. batū Outdoor

Inspired by the Batu Caves in Malaysia, batū Outdoor colorfully motivates you to seek adventure, find your true passion and be a part of something that is changing lives. We promise you will not find a softer t-shirt or cooler founders! Sport batū Outdoor and go. be brave.

9. Body Glove Paddle Board

Nothing is better than a summer day on the lake. Take it easy with a Body Glove inflatable paddle board. Inflates in 5 minutes and is easily transported from one oasis to the next. Say "sup" to your new SUP board that will change your life!


10. CoalaTree Hammock

What is an essential summer activity? If you didn't say hammocking then you need to sort out your priorities! Whether you’re summiting the tallest peaks or lounging around town with friends, CoaloTree products are practical, stylish, and functional. Go CoalaTree or go home. 

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