Recently, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon almost lost a finger when he caught his wedding ring on the kitchen counter in his Manhattan home. Not only did he almost lose his finger, the ring was severely damaged in the accident.He told reporters that cover media that he was not putting his wedding ring back on for any reason. That's too bad, because there is a great alternative to traditional wedding bands: Enso silicone rings.

Safe on the Job

Silicone wedding rings are attractive, comfortable rings made of silicone rubber that are heat resistant and non-conductive. They are a safe alternative for jobs that require safely working with hands every day. This includes:

  • Medical Staff

  • Construction workers

  • Cooks

  • Police

  • Mechanics

  • Telephone linemen

  • Military personnel

  • Firefighters

Since the bands are non-conductive and heat resistant, they offer a level of protection a normal wedding ring does not.In addition, as Mr. Fallon found out, a normal wedding ring is dangerous if it gets caught or snagged on an object or piece of machinery on the job. In his case, doctors said he almost lost a finger. Don't put yourself in this predicament. Silicone rings are much safer in these situations.

Medical Grade Silicone

Most silicone rings are made from medical grade silicone. This makes them perfect for health professionals who wear gloves on the job:

  • Doctors

  • Nurses

  • Medical technicians

  • Lab workers

  • Anesthesiologists

  • Surgeons

Have you ever experienced swelling in your hands due to weather or a medical condition? Traditional wedding rings can be severely uncomfortable when hands and fingers swell due to diabetes, pregnancy or other health issues.

Silicone Wedding Rings are Perfect for Active Lifestyles

Silicone wedding rings are also ideal for athletes and people on-the-go with active lifestyles. They are more comfortable, easier to maintain and safer. This appeals to:

  • Weightlifters

  • Adventure sports enthusiasts

  • Triathletes

  • Skiers

  • Campers and hikers

  • Snowboarders

  • Surfers

  • Race car drivers

  • Motorcyclists

Thin and Light

Many silicone rings are bulkyand uncomfortable. One thing that distinguishes our bands is they are very thin. So thin, in fact, our customers often tell us they can't feel them on their fingers.In the past, if you could not wear a traditional metal wedding ring, you had no other choice than to not wear a ring at all. Now, with high quality silicone wedding ringsfrom Enso, you can demonstrate your commitment and devotion while staying safe and secure.'

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