The Meaning of Promise Rings for Men & Women

Rings are a traditional way to show commitment to someone, and while the most common time to give or receive a ring is when you get engaged or married, there is a rise in the number of people giving promise rings. So what do these rings mean, and what are the best rings to give for a promise ring?


The Meaning Behind the Ring

Getting engaged or married is a big commitment. Some couples aren’t ready to go to that level yet, but still want to signal their relationship. That’s where promise rings come in, offering the ability to show you care about someone and make a promise to remain faithful even without a wedding in the near future. They can mean a wide variety of things, though, and there is no set reason that you have to give or wear a promise ring. Often it comes down to what it means to you—love, commitment, promises, faith, or anything else.


Types of Promise Rings

The most common reasons that people give or buy promise rings include:

  • Couples’ Commitment:


    these rings serve as an in-between step for couples who are seriously dating but not ready for engagement yet.

  • Monogamy:


    some couples exchange rings to promise to be in a monogamous relationship even if they don’t have wedding plans

  • Friendship:


    promise rings can be a way for two friends to express their promise to be there for one another

  • Chastity:


    you may choose to get a promise ring for yourself, or give one to a teenage child as a reminder of a commitment to chastity before marriage

  • Faith or Reminders:


    some rings aren’t for relationships, they are simply a way for someone to remember a person about their faith or commitments they made to abstain from things like drugs or alcohol (something that



    have made famous)


Promise Ring Styles

Promise rings come in a wide variety of styles, and really can be any ring that you choose to symbolize the commitment you want to remember. Some people choose to buy fancy or expensive promise rings, while many opt for something less expensive. Silicone rings have soared in popularity as promise rings because they offer the ability to show commitment at a very affordable price, averaging around $30 to $40. They also come in a variety of colors and styles so you get one perfect for every personality.


Get Your Promise Ring Today

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