The Purpose of Grooves for Silicone Ring Breathability

Have you heard about silicone rings? They are quickly becoming a substitute for metal wedding bands and even diamond engagement rings as more people realize how beneficial it is to have a ring that can go anywhere and do anything you want to do and won’t put you at risk for finger injuries or cost a fortune. But one concern that many people have about silicone is whether the material (silicone rubber) will make it hard for your skin to “breathe” while you’re wearing the ring. There are several ways to make sure your ring remains comfortable, and your skin too, while wearing your silicone wedding ring. 

What is Silicone? 

Enso Rings silicone wedding rings are made of a medical-grade silicone rubber, which is a combination of: 

  • Carbon

  • Hydrogen

  • Oxygen

  • Silicon (a material made from silica, or sand)

As you can see, all the ingredients involved in making silicone are naturally occurring elements. Silicone rubber on its own doesn’t occur in nature, but when you take several natural ingredients together you can create a material that is both durable and flexible and makes a great wedding ring. However, one concern is that silicone rubber is pretty impermeable, meaning it won’t allow air through. For some people that raises the potential of discomfort at the spot where the rubber is against your skin all day. 

Making Silicone Rings Breathable

Since silicone itself won’t allow air through, many of the collections at Enso Rings have a special feature that will: grooves. These grooves, or lines, are cut into the inside of the ring so that when you wear it, there is a way for air to get through to your skin. This prevents water, sweat, or other things that could be uncomfortable and in some cases could harbor bacteria, from building up under the ring and against your skin. 

Other Ways to Maintain Silicone Ring Comfort

If sweat or discomfort is a concern for you, there are other things you can do in addition to purchasing a silicone ring that has grooves on the interior to increase breathability. They include: 

  • Taking your ring off anytime you get it wet and allowing the water to dry from your hands and the ring completely before putting it back on

  • Taking your ring off when you get in the shower

  • Removing your ring overnight to give the skin on your fingers a “break” from the silicone

  • Washing your ring thoroughly with soap and warm water on a regular basis

When you take proper care of your ring, you can avoid some of the potential discomfort that could come with silicone rubber against your skin all day. Shop Enso Rings today to find a silicone ring with grooves for ultimate breathability.

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