The Real Meaning of a Promise Ring

Have you ever heard of a promise ring? It’s a very broad term, and one that has come to signify a ring given to someone to symbolically make a commitment or a promise. These rings can also be for promises that you make to yourself, and the ability to see it on your finger is a constant reminder of the commitment you made or the thing you want to achieve. We’ll explore both meanings as we take a look at the trends and meanings behind promise rings and discuss how a silicone ring can be the perfect option for someone interested in getting a promise ring.

Promise Rings as a Commitment to Someone Else

One of the most popular reasons that people choose promise rings is because they want to symbolize a commitment to another person. These rings, unlike engagement rings, do not have to signify a specific commitment to marriage, but they can still be a powerful way to show someone that you care and want to remain committed to them for the long term. Many couples use promise rings to signify:

  • A commitment in a long-distance relationship prior to engagement

  • A long-term commitment when you are planning to be gone for a period of time, for example on a service mission or work-related travel for an extended time

  • A pre-engagement commitment to show that you care about each other before you are old enough to get married, or before you are ready to get engaged

While the concept of a promise ring is not really new, the ability to choose a silicone ring to use as your promise ring means you can get something that is uniquely styled based on your personal needs and preferences. It can also be designed with engraving and other things to add to the personalization. Finally, when you choose a silicone ring instead of a traditional type of metal ring, you get comfort and durability in the ring without paying a premium price.

Promise Rings as a Commitment to Yourself

Perhaps the most famous example of a promise ring that someone wears as a reminder of a specific commitment you make to yourself are the Jonas Brothers, although they are definitely not the only celebrity to sport what many call a ‘purity ring’. These rings—a version of a promise ring—are worn as a symbol and a reminder that you made a commitment to abstinence before marriage. It has become a trend in many Christian circles as young people are looking for ways to express their own desire to avoid sex outside of the bonds of marriage.

While not all the celebrities who have worn promise rings to symbolize abstinence did actually wait until marriage, the rings can still be a powerful symbol and reminder to anyone who wants to wear one for that reason.

There are also reasons that you might want to wear a promise ring to symbolize other commitments you make beyond abstinence. Promise rings can be worn as a way to overcome specific challenges, or as a reminder to make specific types of choices in your life. The reasons for wearing them can be very personal, and not something that you have to share with others if you choose not to do so. The benefit of a promise ring for this type of symbolic meaning is that they look just like other jewelry and can easily pass as such, requiring little or no explanation to others except when you are ready and willing to share.

Promise Rings as a Reminder

Promise rings can also be worn to symbolize something that you want to remember, for example, as a reminder of a challenging time in your life, something that you overcame, or a reminder of a loved one that is far away or has passed on. Like the promises you make to yourself, these rings do not need to be something that you share with others if you choose not to.

You can also have silicone promise rings engraved on the interior or exterior as a memorial to someone or a specific reminder to yourself. The engraving could be obvious—on the outside of the ring with whatever level of detail you want to add as long as it fits in the character limit—or it could be hidden on the interior and known only to you as the person wearing it.

Find Your Perfect Promise Ring Today

The real meaning of a promise ring is whatever you want it to be. Shop the whole collection of promise rings and other silicone jewelry at Enso Rings to find the one that fits your relationship. Our selection of engravable rings allows you to get the perfect ring and add a personalized message to make a promise ring your own.

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