Top Reasons People Love Their Silicone Wedding Rings

Getting married is a big commitment, and one that many people want to showcase by wearing a wedding ring. The problem with more traditional metal wedding rings, though, is that not everyone can wear them, and not everyone wants to wear something that is potentially uncomfortable and may not fit you well for your entire life. Here are some of the top reasons people choose silicone rings instead.


Silicone rings are designed to be comfortable. They are made of a stretchy, flexible rubber material that fits your finger snugly but can also bend and flex as needed, so when your fingers swell during a workout or in the heat of the summer, your ring still fits great. When they shrink while you’re swimming a cold lake, your ring hugs your finger instead of sinking to the bottom. With multiple ring designs available, including ultra-light materials, ultra-thin rings, and ones with grooves to keep your skin cool throughout the day, you can find a ring that you can keep on all day and basically forget you are wearing.


A second reason people have gravitated toward silicone rings is for safety. Dozens of workplaces won’t allow metal wedding rings to protect workers, and many outdoor activities and hobbies can also be risky with a metal ring. For electricians, metal rings present an electrocution hazard. For those who work with their hands or around heavy machinery, metal rings could catch on something and lead to a severe finger injury. In both cases it’s better to just leave the ring at home for safety, or you could switch to a silicone ring. These rings are non-conductive so they’re safe in electrical environments. They also can break if they get caught on something, making them a great alternative that won’t cause ring avulsion injuries.


The average cost of a metal wedding band is $1,417 (for women) and $558 (for men), and the cost for women climbs over $6,000 if you add in the diamond engagement ring. That can add up quickly when you also have to pay for a wedding. If having a diamond isn’t that important, or spending hundreds on a metal wedding band you may not wear seems like a waste of money, silicone rings provide an affordable alternative. These rings average between $30 and $50 so you can buy several in different colors and styles and still come in well below your original ring budget.


Finally, silicone rings are a great option for those who want to buck the trends of traditional metal rings that only come in a couple options. Silicone rings come in several styles, as well as several colors, so you can get one that perfectly suits your personality.

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