Top Reasons to Choose a Silicone Ring During Pregnancy

Millions of people have discovered the advantages of wearing silicone rings in recent years, but nowhere has this discovery been more welcome than for pregnant women. Pregnancy comes with a lot of changes to your body—and let’s face it, a lot of discomfort too—so your ring should not be a source of more discomfort. At the same time, the long-used method of just taking off your wedding ring during your pregnancy might not be something you’re particularly interested in. Silicone rings give you the best of both worlds, allowing you to continue to wear your ring and providing the comfort you need. 

Pregnancy and Swelling

As your body changes while you grow a small human inside of you, one of the things many women notice is swollen fingers (along with several other body parts that swell, like your legs, face, feet and ankles). This is perfectly healthy and normal, and happens because your body produces more blood and fluids during pregnancy as a way to soften your body so it can expand during the baby’s growth. 

Most women notice swelling start around the end of the second trimester or the beginning of the third. Other things may affect how swollen your body gets (or feels), including heat in summertime, high activity levels, a diet high in sodium, or standing on your feet for long periods of time. 

A Ring that Adjusts to Fit

Metal rings are made of a hard material that never changes, which means if you’re wearing one when your fingers and hands start to swell during pregnancy, it will probably get uncomfortable and may even start to squeeze some of the circulation in your fingers. Silicone rings are actually made of a stretchy silicone rubber, which means they can expand comfortably to fit your fingers even when they swell. If the swelling is temporary, they can also go back to their smaller size as soon as it’s gone, which means they won’t fall off. 

Lightweight and Durable Materials

Another benefit for many pregnant women who choose silicone rings is the lightweight and durable nature of a silicone wedding ring. These rings are so comfortable and so lightweight that you may even forget you have it on at times. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that because it’s light that means it’s made of cheap material or won’t be able to hold up. Silicone can withstand significant temperature fluctuations, it’s waterproof, and it won’t get damaged or broken unless there is a significant amount of force applied. 

Get a Silicone Ring for Your Next Pregnancy

If you want your ring to be comfortable as your body changes, check out Enso Rings and shop for one you can wear every day throughout your pregnancy (and will probably love so much you’ll keep wearing it even after the baby is born).

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