When it comes to professions that utilize the hands for important needs, one of the first things many people think of is magicians and related stage performers. Such professionals use the hands so much that they even have specific techniques that involve "hands" in them (sleight of hand, for one) -- and this means free, unencumbered use of the hands is vital, something that may be an issue when wearing certain diamond or other metal and stone rings. 

At Enso Rings, we've got the solution in the form of our wide-ranging catalog of silicone rings. We stock a huge selection of such rings for both men and women alike, and with styles that are ideal for a number of different needs or pursuits. Why do professional performers like magicians who use their hands as a major part of their act often prefer our rings to other bulkier, heavier styles? Here are several reasons.

The Role of the Hands for Magicians

There are many professions that use their hands, to be sure, but very few where the kinds of precision and nimbleness needed are as vital as they are for the magician. This is an entertainment field where practitioners often have to do some very delicate, small movements in order to make their illusions work.

For instance, one of the most commonly used techniques in magic is known as "sleight of hand." This involves concealing an object or making it appear to move in a way that goes against the laws of physics, and it takes a lot of practice to perfect. To do this effectively, magicians need to have both steady hands and fingers that can make very small, controlled movements.

Another common technique is known as "palming." This involves holding an object in the palm of the hand and concealing it from view, often by using the other hand to distract the audience's attention. Again, this takes a great deal of practice and control to execute effectively.

The Dangers and Impracticalities of Traditional Rings for Magicians

As you may have already guessed when reading the above, or if you've been to a recent magician stage performance, many professionals in this field don't wear rings. That's because they can get in the way of the delicate movements needed to execute their tricks, and because they can be dangerous if they somehow become caught on something while performing.

Even if a performer is careful and avoids any accidents, there's also the issue of rings potentially becoming loose and falling off while performing. This is especially likely to happen if the performer is sweating, as is often the case under the hot stage lights.

Finally, while this is not always the case, many magicians utilize tricks that may risk a diamond or other expensive stone on a traditional ring. Some use fire or other flames as part of their act, while others may need to make contact with other objects or surfaces that could potentially damage a ring.

The Many Advantages of Silicone Rings for Magicians

Enso Rings are the perfect solution for magicians and other performers who want to wear rings during performance, but can't risk losing them, damaging them, or having them get in the way. That's because our rings are:

  • Lightweight and comfortable: When you're performing, the last thing you want is for your hands or fingers to feel weighed down or uncomfortable. With Enso Rings, you'll hardly even know you're wearing them.

  • Non-conductive and safe: As mentioned above, some magicians use fire or other flames as part of their act. This is no problem with our rings, as they're made from a non-conductive material that won't conduct heat or electricity.

  • Durable and tough: Unlike metal or stone rings, our silicone rings can flex and bend without breaking or becoming misshapen. They're also scratch-resistant, so you don't have to worry about them getting damaged if you need to make contact with other surfaces.

  • Affordable: If you damage or lose a traditional ring during performance, it can be quite costly to replace. With Enso Rings, you don't have to worry about that, as our rings are very affordable.

  • Stylish and attractive: Just because our rings are functional doesn't mean they're not also stylish. We have a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from, so you can find the perfect one to match your stage persona.

If you're a magician or other performer who wants to be able to wear rings during your act without worrying about them, Enso Rings are the perfect solution. Order yours today!

Considerations for Magicians Buying Silicone Rings

Because of the particular nature of their profession, there are a few things magicians should keep in mind when choosing silicone rings. In particular, they should:

  • Pick a style that won't be too loose or too tight: If a ring is too loose, it could fall off during performance. On the other hand, if it's too tight, it could become uncomfortable or impede movement.

  • Choose a color that won't be too noticeable: If you're using your hands a lot during your act, you don't want a ring that's going to stand out and draw attention away from your tricks.

  • Avoid rings with stones or other embellishments: While they may look nice, these could fall off or become damaged during your act.

Enso Rings has a wide variety of silicone rings that are perfect for magicians and other performers. Browse our selection today to find the perfect one for you!

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