As my two-year wedding anniversary is quickly approaching, it has been a time of reflection of the happiness and great memories my husband and I have created. He is in the military and I knew the moment I met him I wanted to spend the rest of my life by his side. We’ve gone through a deployment, four moves, a three-month training mission. Finally, we have recently settled into our forever home.

It’s been a challenging two years for us, but our love for each other never wavered and we are lucky to have experienced so many new and exciting opportunities together. When we first got married, J. bought me the most gorgeous wedding ring I have ever seen. When it came time to buy him a wedding ring, though, we were stumped. Since he’s been serving in the U.S Army for nearly twelve years now, we knew a traditional wedding band wasn’t an option with his work. It’s quite dangerous for them to wear gold, titanium, or any other ‘typical’ wedding ring since they can get caught while climbing down from the aircraft or in any number of situations.

A metal ring was out of the question, but I struggled to find a good alternative. We wanted to show our commitment to one another, but other silicone rings on the market are bulky or just plain unattractive. Then, we found Enso.

Enso Rings make silicone bands that are perfect for people who work out, hate the bulkiness of a ring, or for work safety. Their rings are also nicer looking than other brands, with designs like the Infinity RingStackables, or the Ultralite, which is 1/2 the thickness of other silicone rings on the market.

We decided to get him an Enso Ring, but we realized that I too would frequently go a few days s without wearing my wedding ring set. I would take it off when doing household chores or when I was doing my hair, because I would fear every time I hit it on something (and getting it caught in my hair is never fun!). I got the women’s Stackable bundle in white and coral, and we found that these two perfectly complimented my husband’s Ultralite Ring in Olive.

I have found myself wearing my Stackable rings more often than my traditional wedding rings and I seriously forget they are even there! I am so grateful to finally have a symbol that can express our unity, while keeping our fingers safe. I’m grateful to Enso Rings for making such attractive and comfortable rings that mean so much to us!

– Amy Stratton

Amy Stratton is a lifestyle blogger focusing on the life of a girl who fell in love with a solider. Follow her at

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