What are Silicone Fitness Rings For?

One of the first places that the silicone ring trend started to take off was with fitness ring. Silicone rings were introduced as an alternative to wearing a metal ring in the gym, which was uncomfortable and opened your ring up to the potential for damage. As the silicone ring industry has evolved, they remain a very popular choice for fitness-minded men and women.

The Risks of Rings During a Workout

If you have a traditional metal wedding band or a diamond wedding ring, it’s not very practical to wear it to workout. Whether you do your workouts in a gym or outside, rings made of gold and other precious metals just don’t move with your body. They present several problems for the avid workout enthusiast. Metal rings:

  • Put your fingers at risk for a ring avulsion injury if they get caught on something while you’re in the middle of your workout

  • Are uncomfortable to wear because they don’t stretch and they’re not flexible, so if your fingers swell during the workout it can cut off your circulation and be almost impossible to get off your finger

  • Could get damaged while you’re working out, especially doing things like rock climbing, mountain biking, or lifting barbell and dumbbell weights at the gym; all these things have the potential to scratch, ding, and dent your ring

  • Can fall off your finger easily in the water, which is risky if you enjoy outdoor or indoor water sports like open water swimming, triathlon, kayaking, and SUP

  • Are expensive to replace, so if something does happen to it while you’re working out, it may be hard to get a new ring

Why Silicone is So Popular

Due to the limitations that metal rings present for working out, many people started making the switch to silicone. Some chose to get a “workout ring” that they could wear while they were doing the activities they love and then go back to their metal ring. Others have decided to completely forego their metal ring and just wear the silicone ring. There are plenty of reasons for that:

  • Comfort – they are super comfortable, lightweight, and breathable, so you may even forget you have it on

  • Security – they stretch to fit your finger, so the ring is always snug and there’s little risk of it slipping off

  • Durability – the rings are extremely durable, so it’s hard to scratch or dent them, unlike metal rings, which can easily get scratched around barbells and other workout gear

  • Affordability – if something happens to your ring, you can easily replace it when the ring costs less than $50

  • Safety – perhaps most important, silicone rings are much safer than metal when you’re using your hands in a workout

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