You may have seen people at your gym, or perhaps your coworkers and friends wearing those silicone wedding rings around. At the time perhaps you asked, “what are silicone rings for?” The answer to that question is: well, basically anything. Silicone rings are not new, people have been wearing them as a replacement for a metal wedding ring for many years now, but they have grown in in popularity as more people realize their style and versatility.

For Safety

One of the primary reasons they have become so popular is that silicone rings are a very safe alternative to metal rings. People who might want to wear their rings out and about to workplaces and while doing hobbies like weightlifting, working out at the local gym, or going outdoors, and metal rings don’t play well in these places. Many workplaces forbid metal jewelry for safety reasons (like electricians, construction sites, around heavy machinery, healthcare, military, and law enforcement). Even when you’re not at work a silicone ring can present a risk for ring avulsion injuries. Silicone rings allow people to wear that symbol of love and commitment anywhere without all the safety concerns.

For Comfort

Silicone rings also offer something that metal definitely doesn’t: comfort in any situation. These rings are made of a stretchy, soft, flexible rubber material that moves with your fingers. Whether you are climbing your favorite pitch, biking up in the mountains, or paddleboarding at the lake, your silicone ring can go with you. In fact, many of the lightweight designs are so comfortable you’ll probably forget you even have it on.

For Style

People who want to express their personal style often find that traditional metal doesn’t do the trick with basically three choices of gold, white gold, and rose gold. Sure you can do some small things to customize it, but to find something that really fits your style, silicone is a better option. You can choose from several widths, stack rings of various styles and colors, and get accents like beveling or infinity designs to make it more unique. Enso Rings also partners with artists and others to bring you exclusive designs that further express your personal style.

For Affordability

The final reason many people decide to go with silicone rings over other options is the price. An average diamond wedding ring costs upwards of $6,000. If something happens to that, it’s a serious investment to get a new one. With silicone rings you can find beautiful styles that are more versatile and cost only a fraction of the price, with average costs around $30 to $50 for a ring.

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