What Are You Getting Yourself this Holiday Season?

It’s that time of year again, when we all start thinking about the gifts we are going to give to the people in our lives. Add that stress onto the stress of the holiday season in general, and it can make even the best holiday planners feel a little overwhelmed. Before you start shopping for anyone else on your list, though, we have one question: what are you getting for yourself?

The Benefits of Self-Gifting

It might feel selfish to be buying things for yourself, but now is actually the perfect time to choose a gift for you. Here are just some of the benefits.

It’s Not Awkward

We’ve all been in those awkward situations where someone gives you a gift that you just don’t want. Or need. Or have a place to keep. When it happens, you probably try to fake it, thanking them for their thoughtful gift and vowing to figure out a way to get rid of it as soon as you can without them knowing. Self-gifting helps you avoid all these issues because you know exactly what you want (and need) and can pick the perfect item every time.

It Saves Time

Rather than asking people in your life to spend a lot of time agonizing over what to give you, let them know you’re going to give yourself a gift this year, and they can save time and hassle by not getting you anything. Or let them know what you’re buying yourself to give them a better idea of what kinds of things you like and want, so if they still want to give you a gift it’s more likely to be something good.

It Relieves Stress

The holidays are a stressful time of the year, and taking a minute to get yourself something you really want is a great way to step out of the usual whirlwind for a moment of pure joy.

What to Gift Yourself this Year

Now that you know self-gifting is a great idea, what should you get? Well, we have a few ideas.

  • Silicone wedding rings – these stretchy, super comfy rings are the perfect way to give yourself a beautiful piece of jewelry that you can wear anywhere. In fact, they’re so affordable, you can probably buy yourself more than one and have something to wear with all your favorite outfits.

  • Silicone stackable bracelets – the Enso Rings stackables collection has tons of awesome bracelet styles and colors so you can put together the perfect individualized fashion accessory. You can even pair them with our stackable silicone rings.

  • Limited edition collections – want something that’s truly unique? Choose from the limited edition collections available at Enso Rings and find silicone rings and bracelets that are only available for a short time on our website. Just hurry so you can get them before they’re gone.

  • MOD bracelets – these metal-and-silicone combinations are the epitome of personalized style. Choose the sleeve color, clasp color, and finish, and add personalized engraving to make it your own.

Start Self-Gifting Today

Visit Enso Rings website to see all our amazing products and get your personal self-gifting holiday wishlist started today.

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