What Does Wearing a Black Silicone Ring Symbolize?

Black silicone rings have become very popular to wear among all ages and genders. Enso Rings sells a variety of black silicone rings for all occasions and purposes. But what does a black silicone ring mean? Is there symbolism behind it, or is the reasoning for wearing a black silicone ring as individual as the person who is wearing it?

What Does Black Mean?

You may think of black as a dark color, but as you may have learned in school, it’s not a color at all: It’s the absence of light. Since light is associated with knowledge, openness and sometimes God, this might be the reason black is often linked with sinister pursuits.

A black widow spider, for instance, is feared for its venomous fangs. But the spider has no choice in its color, and some of the deadliest creatures on earth are the beautiful and colorful poisonous dart frogs.

If you’re the black sheep of the family, you’re considered an embarrassment to your clan. The Black Plague was certainly unpleasant, so named for the lesions that would form on the victims’ lymph nodes. Obsessed with horror, Edgar Allen Poe’s poem The Raven (a black bird) is terrifying, and his story The Black Cat is even worse. The black market is illegal, but most people like it for one thing or another — videos, cigarettes, alcohol, fireworks, pharmaceuticals.

The Avengers have the Black Panther (good) and the Black Widow (bad). Everyone loves a black Lab, but these same people avoid black cats. In a bar, you can order a Black Russian (vodka and Kahlua), or if you like your drinks tempered with cream, you can get a White Russian.

When Black Is Good

All these negative connotations related to black have not been lost on Black people, who are unsurprisingly not very happy about it. Thus, in the 1960s, a catchphrase to counteract all this hostility was created: Black is Beautiful.

Black is the color you choose when you’re going to a fancy, upscale event. Women have a go-to little black dress for parties. Men wear black tuxes to weddings. Black velvet is considered a luxurious fabric. For clothing, black is known as sleek, sophisticated and modern.

Both the Black Crowes and the Black Eyed Peas were loved and hugely successful bands. AC/DC’s Back in Black is a classic rock anthem. Limousines — the ultimate in opulence — are black.

Chocolate is a beloved food — the darker the better. People say, “black as coal,” and for many years, it was coal that heated our homes and kept us alive throughout the cold winters. Black-eyed Susans are cheerful flowers. All the coolest parties in the 1970s had black lights. Obsidian and onyx are prized gemstones used to make beautiful, expensive jewelry.

Enso Black Silicone Rings

One of our top-selling black silicone rings is from our Star Wars collection — the Darth Vader ring. Part of a six-ring commemorative set that includes some of the new characters — The Mandalorian and Grogu — this ring is a must-have for all true fans of one of the greatest science fiction stories ever.

Our Elements Classic Black Pearl silicone ring is the perfect simple ring to wear anywhere, anytime. Suitable to use as a silicone wedding ring for men or women, this ring with an opalescent finish fits in seamlessly whether you’re wearing a three-piece suit, a flashy cocktail dress, a work uniform or pajamas. If you prefer a thinner, rounded ring, take a look at our Halo black silicone rings.

Enso Rings’ black Beveled Ring lends a touch of class to silicone. Constructed of the darkest black rubber, this ring has beveled edges reminiscent of expensive stone. It comes in standard or thin widths — get one of each for you and your partner and wear them as couple rings. The price is right to use these as matching promise rings too.

Surprise your girlfriend with a Calavera Sugar Skull black silicone ring. Emblazoned with two-toned blue and white sugar skulls and flowers, this ring is the embodiment of biker chick meets dainty princess. Or if she loves gardening and the outdoors, get her a Tim Odland Butterfly Black silicone ring. These rings have a black base and are decorated with beautiful yellow, blue and red butterflies, reminiscent of a Keith Haring work of art.

Our Black Rain Inked Ring is one of a kind — its black base is splattered with white raindrops. It’s perfect for people who love art, outer space and cows. And because it’s black and white, it goes with everything.

Why Black Silicone Rings?

As you can see, the reasons for wearing black silicone rings are endless. Some people may choose to wear simple black silicone bands to mark the death of a loved one or an important figure. Others just like it as a fashion statement. But the main reason people wear them is because they love them. Black is great because it’s basic and it goes with everything. It’s unobtrusive and hangs quietly in the background.

Why don’t you try one for yourself and see? Shop Enso Rings’ collection of black silicone rings today.

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