What is Platinum Silicone?

The trend of silicone wedding rings has been increasing in recent years as many people realize the comfort and convenience these rings can offer that traditional metal rings do not. But with that rise in popularity, there has also been some confusion about exactly what silicone rings are made of, and what options are available to purchase. One of the questions that many people have is related to platinum silicone, a name that suggests that it might have a metal component to it.


Making Silicone Rings

When you manufacture a silicone ring, you manufacture it from rubber that is created out of silicon dioxide (silica) from the Earth’s crust and is extremely durable and flexible. During that process you can also add casting compounds, which are often used as a mold material for a wide range of things including polyurethane, polyester resins, and epoxy, because they have very limited shrinkage and desirable physical properties such as high heat resistance. Platinum cure (also called addition cure) silicone is one of those materials.


The Benefits of Platinum Silicone

Platinum cure silicone is very pure compared with other catalysts, such as tin. It also doesn’t require anything to stabilize it for flexibility, so there’s no need to add phthalates or bisphenols (the most common one you have probably heard about is bisphenol A, or BPA). These harmful chemicals have been shown to damage the lungs, reproductive systems, kidneys and liver in animals and can be absorbed through the skin, so using a platinum cure silicone to manufacture your rings is much safer.

In addition, platinum cure silicone has a much lower carbon footprint to manufacture and recycle than other options like plastics, which makes it a green choice in addition to all the other advantages it can offer.

Finally, platinum cure silicone has the longest life of any of the mold rubbers available, and its physical properties mean it is “skin safe” so they are perfectly safe to wear in contact with human skin, which is an essential component if you are planning to purchase a platinum cure silicone wedding ring or other jewelry.


Choosing Your Silicone Ring

The physical and chemical properties of platinum silicone might not be the reason that you initially were interested in silicone rings, but finding a ring made of platinum cure silicone means you get one that is flexible for your everyday life, durable so you can keep it for years to come, and safe for your skin and the skin of those you love. Choose your perfect silicone ring today to take advantage of all these benefits.

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