What Is the Best Silicone Ring?

There are a lot of different options today for you buy a silicone wedding ring, with many companies out there claiming to have the best silicone rings. So how do you know which ones are actually the best to buy? Here’s a guide of the various features to look for when you’re trying to decide between different silicone ring brands.


1: Variety of Styles and Colors

One of the first things to look for when you’re shopping is whether the company offers you a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from. The benefit of silicone rings is the ability to get something completely unique that shows off your own personal style (something that metal rings can’t really offer, since they come in only a few colors).

Don’t settle for a silicone ring company that only gives you a limited selection. Look for one that has:

  • Multiple colors for silicone rings

  • Different widths so you can get one that fits your finger

  • Unique designs or styles, like the Inked or Bevel collections at Enso Rings

  • Options for rings that look like metal (for those who prefer a little sparkle)


2: Personalization Options

Once you have chosen some colors and styles, make sure you buy from a silicone ring store that gives you choices to personalize what you buy. For example, you may want to add a special message or unique inscription on the inside of the ring to symbolize the love and connection you have before you give someone a silicone ring. You can also personalize with various color combinations and mix-and-match choices from stackable jewelry, both rings and bracelets.


3: Affordable Prices

Part of the draw of silicone rings is the affordable price, so make sure your ring company isn’t charging you more than they should for a silicone ring. The average prices for these rings is usually around $30-$40 but you may be able to find them on sale for even less.


4: Easy Shopping and Returns

Last, check the shipping and return policies before you buy a silicone ring. Since you are shopping for a ring online most of the time, you won’t have a chance to try it on before you buy it. You can find great resources to size your ring, like online size guides and tips for accurate measurements. But if you get something that just doesn’t work or doesn’t fit quite right, having a flexible return policy and a complete satisfaction guarantee ensures that you get exchange it for something that will work better.


Enso Rings is the premier place to find a variety of rings and styles, unique options for personalizing your ring, great prices, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Shop today to find your perfect silicone ring.

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