What is the Point of Silicone Rings?

You have probably seen a silicone ring (although some silicone rings today look so much like metal rings it can be difficult to tell the difference at first glance), and perhaps you have wondered why someone would choose a silicone ring over a metal or diamond option. After all, a diamond is a girl’s best friend, and metal wedding rings are just the thing you wear if you’re a married man, right? Not anymore. Silicone rings have surged in popularity in recent years for many reasons.


1: Comfort

At first silicone rings were worn almost exclusively as a temporary alternative to metal in situations where you couldn’t wear a ring, such as in a workplace with heavy machinery or electricity, or at the gym where your ring could get damaged by the equipment. But many people soon realized how comfortable silicone rings were compared to metal and diamond rings and have decided to forego their traditional rings entirely in favor of wearing silicone all the time. These rings are made of a lightweight rubber material that hugs your finger (but not too tightly) and is so comfortable you may even forget you have it on.


2: Affordability

Another reason many people have gone from metal or diamond rings to silicone is the price. Even the cheapest diamond rings can cost several hundred, or even thousands of dollars, and metal rings have a similar high price tag for common precious metals. Silicone rings are an affordable way to show a person your love and commitment without spending thousands. Some couples choose silicone rings out of budget necessity, while others would simply rather spend their money on other things, like an amazing honeymoon, a new car, or a down payment on a home.


3: Style

Because they are made of rubber, silicone rings come in every color you can imagine. They also include stylish additions like stamped designs or engraving so you can get a beautiful ring that you will admire. Plus they are so affordable that you may want to buy more than one, so you get a ring that matches every outfit, every day, and still haven’t spent as much as you would on a diamond or metal ring.


4: Safety

Finally, many people choose silicone rings for safety reasons. Whether you work in a profession where a metal ring is banned or frowned upon (construction, military, firefighting, electrician), you have an active lifestyle where a metal ring could be dangerous (this includes moms with young kids), or you simply want a safer alternative to metal, silicone is ideal. These rings are non-conductive so they’re safe around electricity, and they can break if needed so you won’t have to worry about ring avulsion injuries or other mishaps with a metal ring.


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