What Is the Purpose of Silicone Rings?

Anyone who has worn a metal wedding rings know that there are certain limitations that come with these types of rings. While metal has long been the traditional material for wearing wedding rings, choosing a metal ring means there may be some places where you cannot wear it. While silicone rings have been around for quite a while, they have surged in popularity in recent years as many people realize that they come with many benefits that metal rings do not offer.


Silicone Rings are Safer

One of the primary reasons that many people opt for a silicone wedding ring instead of metal is for safety. There are many professions where you will not be allowed to wear a metal wedding ring, or where wearing those types of rings would be discouraged for safety reasons. Those include:

  • Electricians

  • Construction

  • Firefighters

  • Police

  • Military

  • Welders

  • Heavy machine operators

  • Auto mechanics

  • Doctors, nurses, and other health professionals

  • And many more

Metal rings can be unsafe in a few ways:

  • Ring avulsion injuries



    these injuries happen when a metal ring gets caught on something and forcefully pulled from your finger. Since the metal ring won’t break, it usually causes serious damage to the bone, muscle, tissues, and tendons. In severe cases it could even result in a traumatic amputation.

  • Electrocution



    other professions, such as electricians, cannot wear metal because of the risk that it will conduct electricity and shock you while working.

  • Patient safety –


    medical professionals may not be able to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) with metal rings, which is unsafe in a healthcare setting. Silicone rings are made of a hypoallergenic medical-grade rubber so they are safe for almost anyone.


Silicone Rings are More Comfortable

There are others who choose silicone rings because they prefer the comfort over metal. Silicone rings are made of a soft, stretchy rubber material that is flexible and fits any lifestyle. They fit your finger and won’t fall off, even in water or while you’re participating in extreme sports. They are also super light, so many people who wear them forget they have a ring on at all. They are made of super high quality rubber that won’t irritate your skin and go everywhere.


Silicone Rings are Just Better

Whether you prefer to take your metal ring off at the gym because you’re afraid it will get damaged, or you take it off during your leisure activities because you’re worried about ring avulsion injuries, a silicone ring can stay on no matter what you are doing. From lifting weights triathlons to work and playing with the kids, your silicone ring will quickly replace your metal ring as a favorite accessory.

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