If you're someone who works around electricity, the most prominent such role being an electrician, you'll naturally be placing importance on the theme of avoiding electrical shocks or any other concerns that may risk your health and safety. There are several related concepts to keep in mind here, and for some people one of these is the kinds of rings you can wear while on the job. 

At Enso Rings, we're happy to offer a huge selection of silicone rings that's ideal for many people who work in these kinds of fields, including options like our DualTone silicone rings that can be customized to any kind of design you're interested in. Why are our silicone rings often perfect for electricians and those who are around electricity often? Here's a primer.

Risks of Metal Rings Around Electricity

Simply put, those who want to wear a ring regularly during the day but also spend time around electricity on a regular basis will be at-risk if they're wearing a metal ring. The reason for this is that rings made of metal conduct electricity, and if there's an electrical current present that your hand comes into contact with while wearing a metal ring, it can cause an electrical shock. This isn't just a possibility- in some cases, it can be downright dangerous.

For example, if you were to come into contact with a metal ring while also touching a live wire that's carrying electricity, you could be at risk for an electrical shock. The severity of the shock will depend on factors like how much current is flowing through the wire, but in some cases it can cause burns, tissue damage, and even death. In other words, it's not something to be taken lightly, and if you want to avoid this kind of risk it's important to look for an alternative to metal rings.

The Solution: Silicone Rings

This is where silicone rings come in as a solution. Unlike metal rings, silicone rings are made of a material that does not conduct electricity. This means that they can be worn while working with or around electricity without any risk of an electrical shock. In fact, our rings have even been tested and certified by a third party to ensure their safety in this regard.

So, if you're looking for a safe and stylish solution that will allow you to wear a ring even while working with electricity, silicone rings are a great option to consider. Be sure to check out our selection here at Enso Rings today!

Other Benefits of Silicone Rings

The fact that silicone rings don't conduct electricity isn't the only reason they can be a great choice for electricians or those who work with electricity. In addition, silicone rings are:

  • Extremely durable: Silicone rings are designed to withstand high temperatures, meaning they won't be damaged or deformed if they come into contact with electrical equipment that's running hot. They're also highly resistant to tearing, meaning they won't get caught on anything and put your finger at risk.

  • Safe if removed quickly: In the event of an emergency, silicone rings can be removed quickly and easily without risking injury to the finger. This is important if you need to remove a ring quickly in order to avoid contact with an electrical current, or for several other reasons -- in fact, our silicone rings are designed to break off if they're caught or snagged on something, meaning they won't put your finger at risk.

  • Hypoallergenic: For some people, metal rings can cause allergic reactions. Silicone rings are hypoallergenic, meaning they won't cause these kinds of reactions.

  • Easy to clean: While many metal rings require special cleaners and care in order to avoid damage, silicone rings can simply be washed with soap and water. This makes them much easier to keep clean, even if you're working in a dirty or dusty environment.

  • Comfortable: Especially for people like electricians who spend lots of time working with their hands, comfort is important. Silicone rings are much more comfortable to wear than metal rings, meaning they won't cause discomfort or irritation even after wearing them for long periods of time.

  • Affordable and easy to replace: And in any situation where a ring might be at risk of being lost or damaged, it's important to have a backup plan. Silicone rings are much more affordable than metal rings, meaning it's easy to buy several and keep them on hand in case one is lost or damaged.

As you can see, there are lots of reasons why silicone rings can be a great choice for electricians or those who work with electricity. If you're looking for a safe and stylish solution, be sure to check out our selection here at Enso Rings today!

Silicone Ring Selection Tips

If you've decided that silicone rings are the right choice for you, there are a few things to keep in mind as you shop. First, it's important to choose a style that you like and that fits your personal taste. We have a wide variety of styles available, so whether you're looking for something simple or something more flashy, we've got you covered.

It's also important to make sure you choose a ring that's the right size. Our rings come in whole and half sizes, so it's easy to find a ring that fits snugly and comfortably on your finger. And if you're not sure what size you need, we have a handy size chart that can help you out.

Finally, it's important to choose a ring that's made from high-quality silicone. This ensures that the ring is durable and won't be damaged or deformed if it comes into contact with electrical equipment. Be sure to check out the materials and construction of any ring you're considering before making your purchase.

For more on this, or to learn about any of our silicone ring options, speak to our team at Enso Rings today.

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