Which Silicone Ring is the Best?

Have you seen people wearing those silicone wedding rings? Chances are you have, because they have become a tremendously popular accessory for people who need a flexible, comfortable alternative to metal wedding rings. With so many brands out there selling silicone rings, how do you know which company is best? Here are a few methods you can use to evaluate the options available.


Color Selection

One of the things that has drawn so many people to silicone rings is the ability to get something outside of the boring traditional metals. If choosing between one shiny metal or another doesn’t exactly make you excited, silicone wedding rings might be right for you. When you’re shopping for a silicone ring, make sure the place you’re looking offers a wide variety of colors so you can find the one (or ones) that perfectly fit your style.


Unique Styles

Another benefit of silicone rings is the ability to shape them into any design you want, which means you can get them with beautiful designs and unique styles. That’s different for everyone and could include contoured or beveled rings, stacked designs that allow you to mix and match and make your very own style, inked designs that speak to you, or more traditional styles.



Silicone rings, like metal rings, can be personalized with things like engravings and special color combinations. Choose a ring company that allows you to make a ring that is yours, adding a special message or initials that set it apart from any other ring out there. Whether you plan to create it just for yourself, or you want it as a gift, personalization is a critical piece of the puzzle to find the right silicone rings. 


Affordable Pricing

The affordable price of silicone rings is another benefit that has drawn many people to these styles. They commonly fall between about $30 and $50, so make sure you don’t overpay when you decide on a silicone wedding ring.


Great Buying Experience

One final consideration when you’re ready to purchase a silicone ring is the reputation of the company you’re buying it from. Check their website to see what people say about the buying experience, the ability to get the right size, and the ease of returns or exchanges if you end up with a ring that’s not quite right.

We think the question of which silicone rings are the best is an easy one to answer: Enso Rings offer everything you need, from a variety of colors and styles to personalization, affordable pricing, and a great buying experience. Shop today to find the one that is best for you.

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