Why Are Silicone Rings Safe? 

Millions of people are wearing silicone rings these days, partly because they are beautiful and stylish, but in many cases people choose silicone rings over metal wedding rings because they also offer the benefit of being much safer than metal. There are many people who need the safety that a silicone ring can provide, either at work or while participating in hobbies that could lead to finger and hand injuries otherwise. Here are just a few of the reasons that silicone rings are a safer option than traditional metal wedding bands or diamond rings.


1: Silicone Rings Prevent Avulsion Injuries 

Avulsion injuries were not widely known to the general public until late-night host Jimmy Kimmel experienced one at his home. But for outdoor enthusiasts and people that work in environments with heavy machinery and other hazards, ring avulsion injuries are well known and people take critical steps to avoid them.

Essentially a ring avulsion injury occurs when your metal ring gets caught on something and pulled away from your finger. The force of your body weight and gravity pull against the ring, and the hard metal will not break, so your finger suffers the brunt of the injuries. Those could be mild injuries (bruising, minor cuts), but in many cases the injuries are severe and even gruesome. It can cause irreparable damage to your tendons, joints, and ligaments, pull the skin and muscles away from the bone, and even cause a sudden finger amputation. In the most severe cases you will not be able to repair the damage and will lose a finger.

Silicone rings, since they are made of a soft, stretchy rubber, can actually break if they get caught on something. That means that the ring will get damaged, leaving your finger with only minor injuries or none at all.


2: Silicone Rings Don’t Conduct Electricity  

Another common reason people choose silicone rings is safety around electrical currents. Those who work around electricity cannot wear metal rings because they conduct electricity and wearing one could put your life in danger. Silicone rubber is non-conductive, so a silicone wedding ring is perfectly safe in these occupations.


3: Silicone Rings Won’t Scratch 

Many new moms realize that their diamond engagement and wedding rings are actually a hazard to their little newborn babies because the prongs that hold a diamond in or the rough corners of certain diamond shapes can scratch your baby. If you opt to take off your diamond ring, replace it with a silicone ring that won’t scratch and won’t hurt your little bundle of joy. In fact, you may keep wearing it for several years as they hit the ‘terrible twos’ and ‘threenager’ ages because you want to keep your own fingers safe while chasing them around. 

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