Why Are Silicone Rings So Popular?

It seems like you’ve seen them everywhere—from the gym to your workplace—and you probably wonder what makes people love silicone rings so much. The short answer is that they are the best ring for anyone and everyone, but there are some specific benefits to highlight that make a silicone ring an ideal choice for you too.


Express Your Own Style

If you look at the selection at your local jewelry store and can’t help but think that all of those rings are basically the same, and pretty darn boring, then a silicone wedding ring is for you. You’re not limited to one or two colors, which means you can get a ring that perfectly matches your own personal style (or a different ring to perfectly match every outfit you own). There are also options to get silicone rings with designs, engraving, and other personal touches to make it your own.


Wear it Everywhere

Silicone rings are also popular because they are safe to wear anywhere and everywhere, no matter who you are or what you do. People with active lifestyles can wear rings without worrying about damaging or losing them while rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, or just working out at your local gym. Those who work in a profession where a traditional ring would be a safety hazard—such as firefighters, military, electricians and construction workers—can safely wear a silicone ring and avoid injury and amputation risks.

Silicone rings are so light and comfortable you won’t even notice it’s on your finger. You can take a silicone wedding ring places your metal or diamond ring would never go, like swimming with dolphins on your honeymoon. They fit snugly on your finger and won’t get lost, so no need to worry about your expensive ring ending up at the bottom of a coral reef.


No Stress About the Cost

Finally, silicone rings have surged in popularity as more and more people realize that buying a ring to show your love and devotion shouldn’t come with a huge price tag. Silicone rings are super affordable, starting around $25, so even if you lose your ring or it gets damaged, it won’t set you back financially like the loss of a traditional metal ring.


Ready to make the switch like the millions of people who have decided that silicone is the best choice? Enso Rings has a variety of styles and colors to choose from today.

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