Why Are Silicone Rings So Popular?

You see them everywhere on fingers of every color, shape and size — silicone rings. What’s the story behind this craze? Is everyone getting a silicone ring? While they’re often used as the perfect substitute for traditional wedding bands, you can wear a silicone ring for any reason. Enso Rings sells a wide variety of silicone wedding rings in many colors and styles. Why are silicone rings so popular?

Silicone Rings Are Safer

If you work in a dangerous job, a silicone ring is just what you need. With jobs in which you use your hands to operate heavy machinery, wearing a traditional wedding band could end up being the reason you lose a finger. The types of workers who are in more danger than others are factory workers, carpenters, lumberjacks, pipe fitters, etc.

In fact, wedding rings are banned at some of these jobs. However, many companies will allow workers to wear a silicone wedding band. That’s because silicone rings are made of rubber, and in extreme situations will break, freeing you — and your finger — from a perilous situation.

But just because silicone rings break under pressure doesn’t mean they aren’t durable. They’re strong, flexible and scratch-resistant. They look the same after many years of wear.

Silicone rings are perfect for those who work in jobs that involve extreme heat, such as firefighters, welders and steelworkers. Metal rings are too dangerous to wear when doing these jobs because the ring could accidentally heat up from exposure to fire and flame.

As painful as it is for skin to be exposed to fire, the issue with a metal wedding ring is that it can heat up quickly and take a while to cool down. So while you may be able to pull your hand away from flames, a metal ring can continue to burn your finger for several minutes, or until you get it off.

There is no such worry with a silicone ring.

Silicone Rings Are Less Likely to Be Stolen

While there is little fire risk in a surgical theater, traditional wedding rings are still often prohibited there, as well as in many other health care settings. The issue is that rings can harbor bacteria, viruses and other microbes. It’s hard to wash underneath a ring, so many workplaces ban them.

Ways that doctors, nurses and other health care workers deal with this is to take their rings off when they are prepping for surgery or undertaking another task in which rings are banned. The problem is, where do you put your rings at this time? You don’t want them to get lost or stolen. And that’s where the beauty of a silicone ring comes in.

Few people are likely to steal a silicone ring. You can’t get much for them at a pawnshop, and especially if you have your silicone ring engraved, no one else will want to wear it.

Chefs and cooks also encounter issues with traditional wedding rings. When you wear a ring in the kitchen, it gets dirty. Especially if your ring has any kind of etching or design, these spaces fill up with food, bacteria and germs. Not only does this create a risk for getting sick, but it makes your ring look old long before its time.

Chefs often remove their rings at work, but again, there’s a risk for theft. A silicone ring is perfect for chefs and cooks. You won’t care how dirty your ring gets because it’s so easy to clean. You can use dish soap and a toothbrush.

This convenience is great for home cooks as well. Many people, when cooking or doing dishes in the kitchen, take off their rings and put them on the windowsill or in another nearby spot to prevent them from getting scratched and dirty. But all too often, this practice leads to them losing their rings. You can wear an Enso silicone ring for the dirtiest work.


Silicone rings are so much fun because they are not only a substitute for a metal wedding band, but they’re also a stylish fashion accessory. Because they are so inexpensive, you can get a bunch of silicone rings and wear them to match different outfits — like a Swatch!

When you leave your metal ring behind at home in favor of a fun Enso silicone ring, your real wedding band will stay nice-looking for longer. When you put it on for special occasions, it will shine and sparkle like the day you got it!

You may have heard that silicone rings are popular with professional athletes and military personnel. Even though you may be a weekend warrior, or your ties to the military may be limited to your camouflage Crocs, no one has to know that. Sport a silicone ring and you’ll instantly gain street cred among the super-active crowd.

This includes gym rats. Metal rings can be dangerous around gym equipment. But even if you wear weightlifting gloves, a metal ring can leave a callous on your hand from the friction that may last for many years. It’s not comfortable or attractive.

With a silicone ring, you won’t have to worry about callouses at the gym.

Silicone rings are especially popular among women at the gym, even if they are not married. All too often women have to endure unwanted overtures from men at the gym, and women’s silicone wedding rings help cut down on this problem.

Silicone rings are also infinitely more comfortable than metal rings. They’re extremely lightweight — thick wedding bands can feel heavy on your hand. Silicone rings are also flexible. They bend, stretch and move with you. This is the quality that makes them safer as well. Silicone rings hug you rather than restrict you.

Best Silicone Rings

They’re durable, functional, stylish and fun — what’s not to love about a silicone ring? Shop Enso Rings selection of silicone rings today.

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