Why Do Cops Wear Black Wedding Rings?

There are a lot of trends in wedding rings today, but you may have noticed that a lot of the law enforcement officers you see out there who wear a ring in the line of duty choose to go with black. Is there a meaning behind that? We’ll explore the trend of black wedding rings and the reasons a police officer might choose that option.


Many of the black wedding rings available today are made of materials other than precious metals. Choosing a silicone ring over the traditional metal wedding bands or rings is a great way to protect your fingers in the line of duty when things can quickly go from perfectly normal to extreme danger in a matter of seconds. Silicone wedding rings are designed to be stretchy and flexible, which means you can wear them anywhere and they won’t put your finger at risk of injury or get uncomfortable if your fingers swell during the course of your shift.

A black silicone ring also offers some level of added safety for officers, primarily because it’s very low-key. When you have to deal with the most unsavory human beings (criminals) you are putting yourself at risk. With the rise of social media and the internet, it’s also easier than ever for a criminal to find personal information about cops online. That means your personal property and family could be at risk if a criminal spots your flashy metal wedding band and decides to target you for theft, or target your family for harassment after the encounter.


Law enforcement is an unpredictable profession. While many shifts (fortunately) lack a lot of drama, you never know what you might encounter when you put on that blue uniform. Whether you’re rescuing someone from a freezing river or a burning car, chasing down criminals, or keeping the peace during protests, it’s important that you aren’t distracted by an uncomfortable or ill-fitting metal ring. Black silicone rings allow you to go about your shift and focus on the work while forgetting you even have that ring on most of the time.

Stretchy silicone rings are also more comfortable and less likely to interfere with your grip while holding a firearm, which is especially beneficial for left-handed cops or right-handed cops who want to wear a ring on their right hand.

Low Cost

If your ring is ever damaged in the line of duty, a silicone ring is an affordable option that you can easily replace. For that reason, many cops choose to purchase and wear black silicone wedding rings knowing that if they lose it they won’t have to spend a fortune on a new one or go without one for several months or years.

Shop Black Silicone Rings for Cops

Black silicone rings are a trend in law enforcement that is here to stay. Shop for a stylish and comfortable black ring today at Enso Rings.

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