If you and your partner are like many other couples, you like to show your affection for one another in certain subtle public ways -- and the use of engagement, wedding or other rings is perhaps the most common way of doing so. But what if you want to accomplish this task without spending much money, or without risking the diamond or other stone you've spent thousands of dollars on? 

This is where Enso Rings and our huge selection of silicone rings comes in. We offer numerous ring styles ideal for couples, from promise rings to a massive range of different engagement and wedding rings made from durable, quality silicone. Why do many couples opt for silicone rings, either instead of or in addition to their more expensive metal and stone rings? Here's a layout. 

Expressing Your Commitment Without Major Risk

Silicone rings serve as a fantastic alternative for those who want to showcase their affection for one another, but are concerned with the possibility of damaging or losing an expensive diamond ring. Our rings are molded from durable silicone rubber that can quickly and easily be worn -- no lengthy registration or sizing is necessary! They're also available in a range of sizes, styles and designs to accommodate your tastes, preferences and budget room. 

These rings are inexpensive and easy to replace, meaning you can feel confident showing off your love for one another without major cost or headache. If something does happen to your ring, you won't be out hundreds or thousands of dollars. Best of all, our silicone rings are very comfortable to wear -- they're smooth, flexible and soft to the touch, making them ideal for everyday wear. 

Example Scenario

For those who need a specific example to visualize, let's imagine you've recently been married and are taking a honeymoon at one of the country's most recognizable tourist destinations: Niagara Falls. As anyone who has been to this amazing place is well aware, some of the most popular activities involve close proximity to the falls and several other nearby attractions. 

It wouldn't be a stretch to imagine that you, your significant other and many others would enjoy going for boat rides along the Niagara River -- getting up close and personal with some of the most spectacular waterfalls in North America. If any unforeseen circumstances occurred which led one of your rings to slip off in the water, you could lose that ring for good.

Contrast this with the simple reality that if you were in possession of a silicone ring instead, it would be nearly impossible for anything like this to happen - no matter how rough the waters might get! Silicone rings don't come off as easily as other types, so you can enjoy the thrill of experiencing Niagara Falls without worrying about losing your ring.

And even in the worst-case scenario where something did happen to your silicone ring, you're looking at a much more affordable replacement than what you would need to replace a metal or diamond ring. In fact, your replacement will usually be upward of 10 times more affordable to replace, if not a far greater ratio.

Can Anyone Wear a Silicone Ring?

Absolutely! There are no limitations when it comes to who can wear silicone rings, including those with allergies. Silicone rings are latex-free and thus won't trigger an allergic reaction in anyone wearing them. 

Additionally, they're very durable -- even in cases where someone's weight fluctuates dramatically over the years, these rings will still maintain their form and quality. They're also incredibly comfortable to wear, with a smooth and soft exterior that can be worn for extensive periods of time without irritation.

Silicone rings also make great gifts -- you can choose from all kinds of styles, colors and designs to create an ideal gift. They're the perfect choice for people who want to buy or give engagement rings but are concerned about cost or safety. 

When you think about it, silicone rings are actually a perfect choice for everyone -- whether they're buying the ring as a gift, personally using it for their own purposes or just want to have an inexpensive backup around in case something happens to their primary ring.

Everyday Use

And while our example above went over a very specific set of circumstances, many other couples purchase silicone rings for day-to-day use. Especially if one or both members of a couple work in fields like construction or manufacturing, silicone rings are a great choice. These jobs may require workers to frequently use their hands in tough conditions, which means that traditional metal rings would be far more likely to experience damage.

Say you're a welder by trade, for instance, and your partner is a construction worker. You'd likely both benefit greatly from wearing silicone rings instead of traditional metal or diamond bands, because you could avoid costly repairs or even the fact that the ring would be damaged beyond repair over time.

While this type of work can be very rewarding, it's also risky for traditional jewelry -- but that doesn't mean that couples in these professions can't enjoy the same level of romance and dedication to one another in their relationships. 

For more on why couples often go with silicone rings as alternatives or additions to their traditional metal rings, or to learn about any of our silicone ring collections or style options, speak to the helpful professionals at Enso Rings today.

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