Why Do People Get Wedding Bands?

For thousands of years people have used rings to symbolize love and commitment, usually in the form of a marriage. While the exact origins may not be known, most trace wedding ring history back about 5,000 years to ancient Egypt, where couples would exchange braided papyrus, reeds, and other plants to be worn on their fingers as a symbol of eternity with no beginning or end.

Those less-durable materials eventually gave way to more long-lasting ring materials such as leather or ivory, and that material began to symbolize your commitment to the person (and perhaps the wealth of the person giving it), as rare or expensive materials became more prevalent for couples ready to tie the knot.


Defying the Tradition of Expensive Wedding Rings

Today that “tradition” of expensive wedding ring materials continues, and many couples believe that they have to spend exorbitant sums of money on metal rings and diamonds or other precious stones as a way to symbolize their love (a popular “guideline” for men purchasing a diamond is to spend three months’ salary on the ring, which puts a dent in anyone’s finances right before a wedding).

Fortunately, there has been a bit of a revolt from the traditional, expensive metal and diamond rings toward silicone wedding rings. These rings are far more affordable (less than $50 in most cases, compared with several thousand dollars), giving you some extra cash to splurge on an amazing honeymoon, add that special touch to your wedding day celebration, or even spend on something super practical like a down payment on a car or a home.


Selection and Safety

There are a couple more reasons that many people forgo metal rings in favor of silicone rings. First, they offer a ton of choices for colors and styles, so you can find something that is a unique reflection of your personalities. You can even engrave the rings with a special message to make it your own.

Second, they offer the added benefit of being much safer than metal, especially if you want to wear your ring in places where you would not be able to wear metal bands, such as high-risk jobs like firefighting, military, construction, or operating heavy machinery, or in places like the gym where a ring can get damaged and cause finger injuries if it gets caught on something mid-workout.


Are Silicone Rings Right for You?

If you and your significant other want beautiful rings that provide long-lasting durability and the flexibility to live your life, without breaking the bank, then silicone wedding rings are definitely the right choice. Find your perfect one today from Enso Rings.

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