Why Do People Wear Silicone Rings? 

You may have noticed a trend in recent years where people are replacing their traditional metal jewelry with silicone wedding rings, bracelets, and rings, and you may have asked yourself, “why do people wear silicone rings?” The answer is a little different for everyone, but there are a few key reasons this jewelry is growing in popularity.



One of the main reasons people love silicone wedding rings is the endless possibilities when it comes to style. Unlike traditional metal wedding bands, which only come in a few precious metals and colors (almost all of which are metallic colors, like platinum or gold), silicone rings come in a really wide variety of colors and styles. You can find them in wide or thin band styles, with or without textures, and in colors that range from bright and bold to traditional. You can even find ones today that have precious metals infused to give the silicone ring an added shimmer if you don’t want to entirely give up on the appearance of a metal ring.



Another key factor in the decision to replace metal rings with silicone is comfort. Metal wedding rings are made of a very durable, but very unforgiving material. If your fingers get larger or smaller (even if they just swell a little day to day while you are working or working out), your metal ring can get pretty uncomfortable. If your fingers get smaller, like in cold water while you’re out swimming or boating, your ring is at risk of falling off. 

Silicone rings are made of a stretchy and flexible material—silicone rubber—that will hug your finger tightly without getting uncomfortable. If your finger swells or gets bigger, the ring won’t cut off your circulation. Plus the silicone material is so light you’ll probably forget you even have a ring on at all.



For people who cannot wear metal rings because of safety concerns, silicone offers a great alternative to keep wearing your ring even in settings where it was previously prohibited. Electricians and others who work around electricity can safely wear silicone without worrying about electric shocks. Heavy machine operators, firefighters, law enforcement, military, construction workers, mechanics, and many others can wear a silicone ring without the risks of ring avulsion injury. Healthcare workers can safely wear silicone rings without risk of tearing protective gloves. If you can’t wear your metal ring to work or while doing your favorite hobbies, a silicone ring is probably a better option. 

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