Are you the sort who wants to display a wedding or engagement ring everywhere, but are also worried about losing or damaging an overly expensive diamond? Enso Rings has the solution for you, and it's found in our wide selection of silicone rings

Silicone rings are used for a huge range of purposes, with wedding and engagement themes at or near the top of most such lists. They allow you to wear them absolutely everywhere without fear of loss or damage, plus with fantastic fit and simple care themes. In addition, silicone rings can be engraved or otherwise designed in specialty manners to bring you the most unique ring you or a significant other has ever worn. 

Why do people wear silicone rings, and what are their pros and cons? Here's a basic primer.

Silicone and Silicone Ring Basics

Silicone itself is a type of rubber material that's incredibly flexible and can be shaped into any sort of form imaginable, making it incredibly popular in industrial design as well as for the creation of things like rubber stamps. Silicone rings, then, are those which incorporate this material in order to allow for light, comfortable-to-wear designs that can also be created into all manner of shapes, sizes, and thicknesses.

Silicone rings are most often used for wedding and engagement purposes in order to reduce the chance that a person will damage or lose an expensive diamond or another stone in the event of an accident.

Pros and Cons of Silicone Rings

As noted, there are many pros to silicone rings, including the following:

  • Lightweight: If you're looking for a ring that won't place any added discomfort on your hands or fingers, silicone is the way to go. It's lightweight, to the point where most wearers forget it's on their hand after a few minutes.

  • Versatile: Silicone rings can be designed into a huge range of styles and with different forms of decoration. In addition, they're easy to resize (as needed) in order to ensure a comfortable fit for everyone involved.

  • Safe: If you're worried about losing or damaging a stone within your wedding or engagement ring, silicone rings are the safest way to go. They're sturdy, easy to wear around town as well as during physical activities (like sports), and can be worn all of the time without damage.

Now, silicone is not invincible. It will eventually break down if it's being worn every day, and this is a notable downside compared to gold or platinum rings -- however, when you consider that these rings cost hundreds or thousands of times what a silicone ring does, replacing your silicone ring after a few decades still leaves you in a far more affordable situation than going the traditional route.

Excellent Backup Option

For many people, silicone rings are perfect additions to the traditional rings they already own. They can be used as replacements for lost or damaged rings, and are a great way to wear your commitment with pride. 

For instance, you might wear your actual diamond wedding ring for a certain specific occasion, such as a wedding, anniversary or other special event. You might wear your silicone ring for all other daily situations, such as while you're at work or out enjoying an evening with friends -- or in any other setting where you'll be using your hands extensively or doing things that might pose a threat to your diamonds and other valuable stones.

Use as a Primary Ring

For others, however, silicone rings will be their primary wedding or engagement ring worn. Consider someone who works in construction or as a food server, for instance -- the environment these individuals work in is not one where traditional rings can be worn safely. With the ring on your hand, there's a chance you might lose it while operating machinery or performing other significant tasks.

It's no secret that silicone rings are an excellent replacement option here. They allow you to showcase your commitment to your partner in a safe, inexpensive way that lets you take your glowing, happy status with you wherever you go.

In short, if traditional rings are a bit too risky for your lifestyle, silicone rings place the power of showing off your commitment into your hands -- literally!

Use During Travel

Another setting where silicone rings are enormously valuable and popular is while traveling. If you're visiting a new city, traveling via plane (or just have long flights in general), or doing anything else that might make it dangerous to wear your traditional ring, silicone rings are the ideal choice.

What's more, silicone rings can be useful in some of these settings if you want to take off your traditional ring for a little while but don't want to risk it being lost or damaged. Just slip on your silicone ring until you need to go back to wearing your regular ring, and then switch back if the need arises.

Additionally, they're a great backup option for if lose your engagement or wedding band while traveling abroad. While your traditional ring will likely be covered by insurance you've hopefully purchased, this process may take a few days, and often won't be possible while you're away from home -- having a silicone ring on-hand allows you to still wear a ring of some kind while you wait for a replacement to be sent to you.

For more on the settings and situations in which people wear silicone rings, or to learn about any of our silicone rings, silicone bracelets or other products, speak to the staff at Enso Rings today.

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