Why Silicone Rings are Ideal in Warm Spring and Summer Weather

Silicone rings have become one of the most popular accessories for both men and women. Whether you are wearing them as your permanent ring all the time or you just want something you can wear when you’re out participating in activities, silicone rings are ideal for the warmer spring and summer weather. Here’s why.


1: Silicone Rings Can Go Anywhere

We do mean anywhere. No matter what your spring and summer plans entail, chances are your silicone ring can go along. You can take your silicone ring with you on vacation without fear of losing it or having it stolen (if it does get lost or stolen, the good news is that they are very affordable to replace at just $30-$50 on average). You can wear your silicone ring in the water without worrying that it will fall off and end up at the bottom of a lake or ocean, which means you can take it on that beach vacation or to your next triathlon. Plus you can easily clean it with some soap and warm water once you get home.


2: Silicone Rings are Comfortable

As the weather warms up, most of us want to spend more time outside. But if you’re doing active things like hiking, biking, running, climbing, camping, and more, that metal ring could get pretty uncomfortable. Metal isn’t designed to stretch so if your fingers swell (which they often do when you’re participating in physical activities), the ring will still feel comfortable on your finger and won’t cut off circulation.


3: Silicone Rings Protect Your Fingers from Damage

One of the primary reasons that you should have a silicone ring if you’re planning to go out and about as the weather warms up is to protect your fingers. Athletes and adventurists from all over the globe have come to realize how beneficial a silicone ring can be to protect against finger injuries that could happen when you’re wearing metal. These ring avulsion injuries aren’t just something that happens in a machine shop or on a worksite. They could happen while mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, and participating in any other number of outdoor activities. Wearing silicone rings that will break if they get caught on something means your fingers will be protected.


If you’re planning some outdoor adventures this spring and summer, be sure to grab a silicone ring from Enso Rings before you head out.

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