Why You Should Get a Silicone Ring for Your Honeymoon

Getting married is fun, and spending time together on your honeymoon is even more fun. But if you just tied the knot and you’re planning a trip where you’ll be doing, well, anything at all, you probably want to get a silicone ring to wear during your honeymoon. The reason is simple: silicone wedding bands can go anywhere and won’t get damaged or lost.


Losing Your Wedding Ring

If you are like millions of couples and you decided to get traditional metal wedding bands and a diamond ring, chances are you spent a lot of money on those things. The average couple spends about $6,000 on a diamond engagement ring alone, so having that ring sink to the bottom of the ocean on your scuba diving excursion is an expensive (and sad) event.

Travel is also hectic and presents plenty of opportunities for a ring to get lost. From being asked to take it off at a security checkpoint in an airport, to leaving it on the counter in your hotel room when you depart, or anywhere in between, a ring can easily disappear. Even if it’s not stolen, it’s a small object and you’re not in a regular routine to keep track of it.


Safe and Stylish Alternative: Silicone Honeymoon Rings

Getting a silicone wedding ring for your honeymoon doesn’t mean you have to permanently commit to wearing it forever. If you want to continue wearing those metal wedding bands and diamond rings after you get back from the honeymoon, you can, and the silicone ring offers an affordable way to ensure you have them when you get back from your trip to paradise. Although you may find that you love the comfort and look of the silicone rings so much you’ll wish you never spent three months’ salary on that diamond ring.


Choosing a Silicone Honeymoon Ring

Choosing a ring to wear on your honeymoon is just like choosing one for your engagement or wedding, although a lot less expensive. Enso Rings offers a wide variety of colors and styles, thin and thick designs, personal engraving, and more to make it yours. You can even get silicone rings that have tiny flecks of metal inside so they shine like a precious metal ring.


Opting for Silicone Rings Instead of Metal Rings

If you see this blog before you get an engagement ring, consider that the average cost of a silicone ring is about 0.5% of the cost of the average engagement diamond ring. They’re beautiful and stylish, and so comfortable you won’t even know you have it on. You may want to consider buying just a silicone ring and spending the money you save on an even better honeymoon.


Find your honeymoon (or permanent) silicone ring at Enso Rings and get peace of mind knowing you won’t lose your expensive wedding ring on your fun honeymoon trip.

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