Will Silicone Rings Stretch?

One of the biggest questions many people have if they have never worn a silicone ring is whether or not the ring will stretch. In some cases, people ask this question because they are concerned that a stretchy ring means it will come off, while in other cases people are asking for safety reasons. The answer to the question of whether silicone rings will stretch is yes, and that is by design.


What Makes Silicone Stretchy?

If you’re interested in the science behind it, all rubber (including silicone rubber) is stretchy because of a thing called entropy. Scientists use entropy to measure how many different arrangements atoms or molecules within in a system can have, or how randomly they are arranged within an item. The long polymer chains of molecules inside rubber are all tangled and disjointed, but when you stretch the material, they become aligned in a single direction (more orderly than random). Once you reach the maximum level of stretch, the molecules are no longer random or tangled up. When you stop stretching the material, the polymers go back to being disorderly.


Why This Matters for Your Ring

The reason this matters for your silicone ring is two-fold: one, you want a ring that has a little stretch to it because it makes the ring more comfortable. When your ring stretches, you can keep it on even when a metal ring wouldn’t fit anymore, such as when your hands get a little swollen (like when you are working out) or when you gain or lose weight.

The second reason you want a stretchy silicone ring is for safety reasons. Having a ring that stretches means that if your ring gets caught on something—a table, countertop, piece of heavy equipment or machinery, or even clothing—it can stretch (and break if necessary) to protect your finger. This helps you avoid dangerous and painful ring avulsion injuries, brought to light in recent years by the late-night host Jimmy Fallon when he suffered a mild injury from his metal ring.


How Much Will a Ring Stretch?

While some silicone rubber can stretch up to 1000 times its original length, silicone rings are not made to be that stretchy. Most of the time they will stretch out slightly after you start wearing your ring, so we recommend if you’re in between sizes or are worried about a ring that will be loose that you size down. The ring will feel snug at first but should stretch to a comfortable fit quickly.


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