Jewelry that makes the world kinder

With Enso Cares, you join our movement to wear a symbol of positive change to make a better world. We partner with and donate to organizations around the globe who share our mission.

Initiatives That Make a Difference.

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Maui Strong

After seeing the devastating effect of the wild fires in Maui, we raised over $100K in funds for Maui Strong in a matter of one week! You can read more about it in the press here.

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Every October, Enso Rings partners with nonprofits, donating a portion of proceeds to support those affected by breast cancer—offering aid, relief, and community to fighters, survivors, and their families.

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We believe in the value of Hope. Enso Rings has partnered with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention by donating 100% of proceeds to support AFSP’s efforts in giving hope to those struggling with mental health.

Best Friends Animal Society Collection

DualTone rings for big-hearted animal helpers. A portion of proceeds are donated for each ring sold in this collection.
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Encircle Pride

The Encircle organization cares for LGBTQIA+ youth and families across the nation, so a percentage of every Pride ring or bracelet we sell goes straight to them.
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One Tree Planted Ring

What goes down, will grow up. For each cloud-riged, water colored Earth Ring we sell, we’ll partner with One Tree Planted to put a new tree in the ground.
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Our 3 Pillars

At Enso Rings, our commitment to making a positive impact goes beyond crafting exceptional products. We've built our foundation on three pillars that define our purpose and drive our actions: Environment, Health, and Inclusion.


At Enso Rings, we are devoted to the well-being of our planet. We strive to be exemplary stewards of the environment, ensuring that the beauty of nature is preserved for generations to come. Collaborating with like-minded organizations such as One Tree Planted, we actively contribute to the restoration and conservation of our precious outdoors.


We understand the profound importance of both mental and physical health in fostering a harmonious life. Enso Cares partners with esteemed organizations like the American Cancer Society and Primary Children's Hospital to extend a helping hand to those in need. Together, we aim to create a world where well-being is accessible to all.


Diversity is the heart of beauty, and at Enso, we embrace the richness it brings. We believe that everyone deserves love and acceptance. Join the Enso Family, where unity is celebrated. Our partnerships with organizations like Encircle and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention reflect our commitment to spreading love and support to those who need it most.

On the Clock. Off to Help.

Every quarter. Every Enso Rings team member. A whole army of do-gooders. Our employees get paid to volunteer in their communities and do good. Every time, it's spreading goodness and making an impact.
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The Helpers Behind the Rings

Enso Cares goes further than our partnerships. We empower and encourage the Enso Rings community to care for their communities. Every business quarter, we collectively engage in company-wide activities to support organizations's like Primary Children's Hospital, Helping Hands International, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, One Tree Planted, and many others.
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