Are Silicone Rings True to Size?

Learn the ins and outs of sizing silicone rings and get the perfect fit for your finger.

Shopping online is one of the greatest conveniences of our modern
era. Let’s face it—it’s so much easier to search through hundreds of
clothes, shoes and accessories when they’re available right at the tips
of your fingers. And you can do it all from the comfort of your own
home—what’s not to love?

But online shopping often comes with a risk—that dreaded question
that we all ask ourselves before hitting the order button: “will it
fit?” Not being able to try things on is a big concern for anyone buying
something on the internet. You might have even not bought the perfect
accessory just because you weren’t sure if it would fit right when it
got to your house.

Silicone rings are no
exception to this fear. How do you know that the size 6 online is the
same size 6 as the one you’re currently wearing? Especially with a
product you may not be familiar with—like a silicone ring. You might
feel unsure when it comes to choosing a band size in this material, but
there are a few principles to follow to ensure that you’ll always get a
perfectly sized Enso ring.

Sizing silicone—just a little bit of a stretch.

When people think “what size silicone ring should I get?” they don’t
generally consider the differences in material from silicone to metal.
It often comes as a surprise for most first-time buyers that silicone
bands require different sizing considerations than regular rings.

Silicone, while a strong material, is also highly flexible. This
means that, over a few days of wear, your once perfectly fitted ring
might seem a little loose. Because of this, it’s recommended that you go
a step smaller than your regular size when getting a silicone ring.
After a few days of wearing it, the material will relax and your new
band will fit perfectly. Learn more about how to stretch a silicone ring
to ensure you get the best fit.

In addition to considering the material, you should also consider
your fingers. Your finger size can actually shift slightly depending on
certain factors—and not just during a significant increase or decrease
in weight. Ring sizes can fluctuate on an almost daily basis due to
things like extreme temperatures, certain foods or sickness. Try putting
on and taking off your regular rings to see if they fit normally before
attempting to size your silicone ring.

Try style on for size with Enso rings.

Buying unique silicone rings online doesn’t have to be stressful. You
can get peace of mind with Enso’s convenient and easy-to-understand ring size guide. With this chart, you’ll always pick the perfect—and perfectly sized—band every time.

Once you’ve discovered your ideal size, you can shop with confidence for the best rings to add to your collection. Browse our ring bundles and build your own style.