Blue Line Silicone Ring

For the brave in blue.

You’re a police officer. Or you’re the family member or friend of a
police officer. You see them working hard to keep our community safe
every single day. You probably feel as we do—we are grateful to them for
their sacrifice and time. So whether you’re an officer yourself or you
want to honor those you know, we’ve got the ring for you: Enso’s blue
line silicone ring. Simple and straightforward, this is a ring that you
can wear on the job, at home, or working out.

You keep our neighborhood safe. Let us keep your fingers safe. When
you’re on the job, you have to choose to not wear your ring because of
potential dangers. Or if you wear it, you can’t be worrying about it
getting in the way all tour long. Are silicone rings safe for work? Yes, even this kind of work.

What makes silicone so safe?

It comes down to a combination of synthetic rubbers and synthetic
plastic polymers. This man-made material is incredibly versatile. Its
composition makes it flexible, malleable, durable and temperature and
water resistant. When made into a finger band, you have a unique
silicone ring that fits your finger like a glove. It moves with your
movement, it stays out of the way. And if it needs to, it will break and
tear away from your finger, protecting you from ring avulsion and even
worse injuries.

Safety comes first, comfort comes second. This is a thin silicone ring
that will feel comfortable no matter way. In cold weather and in hot
weather. You won’t even notice its on. Even if you’re driving all day,
wearing gloves, or holding something, it's so thin it never protrudes
and never becomes a distraction.

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customer favorites are the light as air Ultralite, that take our already weightless feel to the next level. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got something for everyone.

There’s no risk buying one (or five) of our rings. We give you a Lifetime Warranty,
without any time limit or restrictions on full priced rings. If you
don’t love it, we want to know and we want to get you one you do love.
Or we’ll refund you the price, no hard feelings. If your ring breaks in
the line of duty (or any other time) we’ll replace that without
additional costs. Thank you for your service. We hope we can be of
service to you when you need it.