Can You Stretch Silicone Rings?

Here’s a ring that’s meant to stretch.

The simple answer is, yes. You can stretch silicone rings. This comes
from silicones unique properties. Silicone is a manmade material, a
hybrid combination of synthetic rubbers and synthetic plastic polymers.
Over time, silicone has been used to make many items that used to be
made with wood and plastic. For example, you may already own silicone
kitchen utensils. They are flexible, easy to clean, and have high heat
resistance. It’s also been used as the new material of choice because
plastics are arguably not safe to be cooking with or storing food in.
But that’s up for debate, depending on the plastic.

Here’s where silicone becomes fun: in a silicone band ring
that is the most amazing ring you’ve ever worn. If you’re worried about
its stretchy nature, don’t be. It will never stretch too wide and then
stay stretched out. While it has the capacity to stretch, it will always
return to its former shape and size. We love this because it makes for
an incredibly safe ring. Safer than any other ring you’ve ever owned.

Silicone and safety go hand in hand.

Silicone finger rings
rate high for safety because of their flexibility and stretchability.
Let’s say you’re wearing your new Enso silicone ring while working on
the car. You reach in with your tool to make an adjustment and you slip.
As you fall your ring gets stuck on a valve. The ring will stretch
until it breaks, thus saving your finger. If you had been wearing a
metal ring and the same thing happened, your ring would stay stuck, with
your finger inside of it. The momentum of your body would create such
torque that something would eventually have to give. Spoiler alert: it
wouldn’t be the metal ring. Ouch.

To which you are thinking—then don’t wear a ring doing dangerous type jobs. Agreed when it comes to metal rings. But if you buy a silicone ring
you don’t ever have to worry about that again. Each time you take your
metal ring off, you also risk losing it. If it’s an expensive wedding
ring, you could get a silicone wedding ring to wear most of the time and
save the fancy metal ring for special occasions. Think of everything
you could do now, all with a thin silicone band still on.

A ring you can wear all the time. Not just when it’s convenient.

The hardest ring to take off can be your wedding ring. When it
symbolizes so much, you want to be wearing it all the time. That’s not
possible with a metal ring. So find his and hers silicone wedding rings so you can keep the emblem of your love on your fingers all day long, through any work and play.