Custom Silicone Rings

Making it personal.

Find the perfect ring. Find it here, at Enso. With a personalized silicone ring,
you’ll never wonder if you have the same ring as anyone else. You’ll
know that this ring was meant for you, and you alone. Whatever your
purpose or intention, use a ring to hold it close to you and to remind
you of it always.

Start by identifying the reason you want this custom silicone ring. If it’s for a relationship, such as a silicone promise ring or engagement ring, determine if you’re looking for matching his and hers silicone rings. Then look at the Elements collection,
that adds a depth of class and sophistication you won’t fine with any
other silicone ring. Elements rings are infused with precious materials
like rose gold, black pearl, and yellow gold. To compensate for the
different sizes of hands between partners, you can choose a wider band
for the gentleman and a thinner band for the lady, while still getting
the same look.

The perfect ring for the perfect occasion.

Or maybe you’re looking for a ring to commemorate your high school or
college graduation. Graduation rings are emblems of a momentous
occasion. If you want a ring you can actually wear in remembrance of
your accomplishment, look at the Sports Stacks
so you can always wear your school colors with pride. As you move
forward to your next school or your new job, know that you can carry
those rings with you always, no matter how you use your hands.

Best friends—surrogate siblings of the heart—can choose matching rings to further represent their deep and abiding connection. Enso girls
has so many options—be patient with each other as you find the best
fit. Putting on that ring every morning, knowing that your closest and
dearest friend is doing the same, can help bridge the distance that your
individual lives create. Every time you see it, you can think of them
and know that you are in their thoughts as well.

Engraved on your heart, and on your ring.

After you’ve picked the perfect ring for the special occasion, now
comes the truly meaningful part: carefully choosing what word, or words,
you want engraved on the inside or outside of your ring. For couples in
love, messages of meaning hidden inside the ring can offer that
personal touch of romance. For students graduating from school,
engraving your graduation year and school name on the outside can show
off your alma mater spirit. Or maybe you’re creating friendship rings
for the person in your life that has never let you down and who always
knows just what to say.

Words have meaning. Use them to craft your custom silicone ring. This is
your very own ring, unlike any other that has ever been made before or
that will ever be made again. Express your individuality, personality,
commitments and accomplishments with an engraved silicone ring.