Custom Silicone Wedding Rings

A special ring for a special girl.

You found the girl. You found the ring. Now find the words to tell
her exactly how you feel. In fact, you can make sure she never forgets
those words by engraving them on your newly chosen silicone engagement ring.
Give her a ring unlike any other, with the meaning and eternal
significance you hold in your heart. Because this is a ring she can wear
every day, in any activity where she works with her hands. Save the
expensive wedding ring for the ceremony or a landmark anniversary. Get
her a ring right here, right now, that she will love to wear almost as
much as she loves you.  

You may never be able to fully find the words to express all that you
feel for your special someone, but you can show her that love with a
ring that speaks to your relationship. That symbolizes all that you’ve
experienced so far and all that you hope to accomplish in the future.
But this can’t be just any old ring. This has to be a custom silicone
wedding ring to properly signify the depth of your love.

Engraven for eternity on your wedding band.

As you write your wedding vows and complete the last finishing
touches for your wedding day, pick out one, two, or three words that are
the essence of your relationship. Consider what you love most about
your fiance. Or think about your favorite pet name for him or her. A silicone wedding ring engraved with that little extra something special is just the touch you didn’t even know you were looking for.

It doesn’t cost much to create a message of love that will last as
long as the ring you’re engraving it on. For only $9.99, Enso will work
with you to help you tell your life partner how you feel. Show them what
they really mean to you. Adding just a few words of love to the inside
of your silicone ring band
will become that little secret just between the two of you. A cherished
memory of the moment you gave them the ring and they first saw those
words hidden on the inside.

A ring that will protect their hand and their heart.

A daily reminder of your love is what every relationship needs. The best silicone wedding ring
by Enso is what every hand needs. Using medical grade, hypoallergenic
silicone, Enso has crafted a ring that will feel comfortable on any
finger, through any exciting activity or routine job. Made to protect
against injury, here is a ring that will break if it becomes intractable
from a mechanical gear, countertop corner, or rock face crevasse. Don’t
just tell them you love them, show them you love them by providing for
the continued safety of their hands in all they do. Live a life full of
love and joy, and keep your hands full of fingers.